Extreme Rules Predict Extreme Rules card.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Jericho vs Punk

    Shame-ful vs Alberto Del Rio

    Rhodes vs Big Slow

    Santino & Brodus vs Dolph & Jack?

    John Cena vs Brock Lesnar?

    Bryan stated he had a rematch clause last week, so maybe he adds himself to Shameful vs ADR?

  2. Same as yours. Those are the only matches that makes sense atm.
  3. You forgot Randy Orton vs. Kane.
  4. Jericho vs Punk w/ SCSA as special guest ref

    Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio (Given)

    Rhodes vs Big Slow (Given)

    Santino w/ Brodus as manager vs Swagger w/ Dolph & Vickie as manager

    John Cena vs Brock Lesnar? - Will not happen

    A-Train vs Someone (Squash match)
  5. Jericho vs Punk - WWE Title

    Sheamus vs ADR vs Brayn - WHC although ideally they would do Sheamus vs ADR, then Ace comes out and announces Bryan still has his rematch then Bryan beats and exhausted Sheamus for the belt.

    Rhodes vs Show - IC

    Santino vs Brodus vs Swagger vs Dolph - US title

    Orton vs Kane

    Pretty sure Cena will have a match but I doubt Brock will wrestle.
  6. Interesting prediction there.

    Completely agree.
  7. Filler matches for the filler PPV. Nothing of note will happen.
  8. Inb4 Hulk Hogan, Rock, Austin and Piper form a mega-stable and take over WWE at ER.
  9. Way to go chalk with your prediction. At least go out on a limb.
  10. The match stipulations give the heels the advantage because :ace: is a dick.
    I doubt many faces will win, too many "overcoming the odds" chances here.

    -CM Punk vs Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry: Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match
    -Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio: Submission Match
    -Cena vs Lesnar: Cage Match
    -Cody Rhodes vs Big Show: Ladder Match
    -Kelly vs Beth: Ironing Board Match or some other misogynistic crap
    -Kane vs Orton: Tables Match
    -Santino/Brodus vs Epico/Primo: Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere Match
    -R-Truth/Kofi vs Ziggler/Swagger: #1 Contenders Lumberjack Match (with Little Jimmy banned from ringside)

    Doubt there will be two tag matches on a show, but there's no way Ziggler won't be on the card.
  11. You really believe they would hotshot Cena/Lesnar at Extreme Rules? Can't see it happening.
  12. They didn't have Brock F-5 Cena to set up a match 4 months later.
  13. Cena got Rock Bottom'd to set up a match 12 months later lmao.
  14. Fair enough. The last time something happened that generated this much buzz and fan interest, they blew it at Money in the Bank.

    They haven't cared about Summerslam or Survivor Series in who knows how long (other than the summer storyline), so you may as well blow it now.

    How would you do it?
  15. At least it's not just me who see's Brock vs Cena no way happening at ER. We could be wrong though, Randy Savage predicted otherwise and he's GOAT.

    If Mark Henry is in the WWE championship match I'm sure he's winning.
  16. I'd probably sell a Cena injury storyline from the F-5 just to help keep Brock/Cena apart for awhile. I can't see WWE doing that because Cena never misses time unless he is legitimately injured, so who knows what they will wind up doing.

    I'd like to see Brock put in other feuds while still keeping his eye on the ultimate prize, Cena, for either Summerslam or if WWE thinks they can stretch it that far to even Mania.


    I wouldn't mind a Henry WWE Title reign, but I can't see WWE being too prone to giving him a shot with the #1 belt in the company, if for no other reason than his aptness to injury. Too much of a risk IMO. Every push they've tried to give Henry has been derailed by injury unfortunately.
  17. Maybe, but he is a draw. He's the type of guy who can still work story-lines injured too, WWE just fail to realise that.

    I'd love a Henry reign, I'm a big fan of the guy when he's the dominant heel.
  18. I predict there will be a lot of sweaty dick punching.....

    At randy savages house!

  19. Brock vs Cena is not happening at Extreme Rules, no chance in hell.

    I really hope it's not Sheamus/Del Rio, the match bored me to death on Smackdown and I don't care for either superstar.

    Jericho/Punk is the one match that deserves to be Extreme rules, it actually has a reason to be since it's actually gotten personal.
  20. Henry deserves another reign really enjoyed it and did hate him as a character so he was doing his job well. He's a brute and it worked they should give him another reign.
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