Predict how many users will be on during Mania

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. The current high from January 27th (I'm guessing that must have been the Rumble) is 569. expect that number to be dwarfed the day of Mania and during the event (it will be hell)

    I'm going to say we'll go over 1k at one time. RIP Mybb
  2. 1.4k
    Just cause this site got bigger and is easier to find on google now.
  3. Yea the site now compared to a year ago is crazy to think about. Mania last year helped the site grow a lot, and we picked up tons of good users around that time. It will be fun day on here. eh, probably not fun. Interesting
    2098 replies or something like that. Not bad for a low amount of members.

    Also, I think Brock Lesnar helped the site as well the next night.
    That thread will be the best discussion thread ever for the reaction when he returned.
  5. That was a super HQ discussion thread.

  6. Found Brock's return thread and page.
    1018 replies

    Seriously, for such a low amount of members, we did aight back then.
  7. Nice to see I could still keep it HQ in that moment of pandemonium

  8. Don't forget...
  9. This one put a smile on my face

    I think that's when lesnar F5'd him
  10. Can't say the same about myself.

  11. We'll probably peak at around 1.2-1.4K users on the site. Steady around 900.
  12. Lol at the gross over-exaggeration here :O

    Does this include actual users or guests too? Guests are included in the "most online" record.
  13. I think Sage wins:

  14. Lol'd at Waco's reply:

    So excited.
  15. 7 or 8
    Me, Crayo, Hoss, Stop, DZ, WK, Aids and Senhor possibly
  16. Unless April 8th is a red day or I turn sick I cannot be up for mania :sad: I start work at 8am on Monday. Mania would end at 5am for me, possibly later.
  17. You're too much of a goody two shoes bro. Man up and arrive at work tired or something.

    Disappointed by your lack of passion.
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