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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Roadster, Jan 5, 2015.

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    With Jeff Jarrett saying GFW is about ready to launch, how well do you think it will do? Will it make the same mistakes as TNA?

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  2. I hope it does well, can't predict that it won't.
  3. If Steiner is hired 10/10
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  4. He needs to get a few stars on the roster, along with really good young guys and a great TV deal. I'd say an easy way to build new stars is going for something like TNA in 2012, where they have a dominant heel champion, but then they build up a new young face in the X-Division or midcard in GFW, then have him overcome the odds and become Champion and face of GFW. And do a lot of talent swaps with international promotions. Go with that...
  5. Hard to predict.. I would have to say if they get a TV deal that's solid in addition to the financial backing they already have and will get they should do pretty well.. Another thing is if they do get a TV deal they should do it where there's an untapped market.. AKA Tuesdays on national television would be pretty nice.. whatever the situation may be I'll be there to watch it.
  6. What factors are we using to predict it's success or failure? The only thing I've seen about GFW is the fact that they have some global partners and they presented WK9. It's not exactly a lot to go on.
  7. Well as maybe the most loyal Jeff Jarrett fan around, I want to hope that it does well.

    I'm thinking that if Jeff learned from the mistakes he's made in the past, he could do well. I like that he is using a similar talent strategy as TNA did in its earlier days, talent sharing and allowing non contracted wrestlers to perform.

    I'm going to predict it'll be a solid fourth run promotion. If they keep the focus on match quality, which they should since it won't start off with the money or star power of WWE or TNA, they can build a solid foundation for future success. However it will take them a few years to really contend with TNA... contending with WWE is sort of far fetched.

    I think one advantage is that even though I love Jeff Jarrett, he was a big spotlight hog in early TNA. I doubt, considering his age, that we'll ever see him as GFW champion. Without having himself in the mix, Jeff will likely be able to book a lot better than he did in early TNA.
  8. At this point I don't care for Jeff Jarrett or JeffW. I have Lucha Underground and New Japan on AXS TV pleasing me.
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  10. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...-reportedly-unable-to-secure-tv-deal-for-gfw/
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