Predict Lesnar's impact.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. If he does return, what match is he interrupting and how many times/what will he do when he appears on RAW?
  2. I have a feeling it will be in the Rock/Cena match. After it, attacking someone.
  3. My worst nightmare is he costs HHH and feuds with him. That'd be unbearable.
  4. If HHH would feud again, I would rather have HBK do it with him. Well, Brock could work out too, but not at WM 29, that should be HHH vs HBK.
  5. HHH would just bury him.

    Brock should feud with Cena/Rock/Taker, one of those. Cena preferably.
  6. Brock Vs. Miz, yeah I'm being serious here. Have Brock steam roll over the majority of Raw until the only person to stand up to him is Miz. Let him provoke him and brawl with him build Miz as having an unbreakable spirit, no matter what Brock does Miz comes back for me and keeps on calling Brock out. At Mania they face off Brock hits three F5's to a battered and bloody Miz. Brock wins but Miz is shown to be a tough son of a bitch, leading to his face turn.
  7. Miz would need to get the win eventually to have a serious face run. Else it'd be pointless. I'm not sure I'd want that to be honest, Miz still has so much more to offer as a heel. He needs to feud with Punk.
  8. Not really imo, think Austin / Bret. I'll admit I love Miz but he's got so much potential as a face.
  9. This.

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  10. That'd be awesome to be honest.

  11. It will not be with Cena he has been through two feuds including rock i hope he Feuds with Hbk Or Jeritroll
  12. So? Cena is the top guy, he'd be the guy to feud with the legends returning.
  13. Not really sure what match he'll interfere in, but a curveball would be him joining smackdown and increasing their star power. If he were to do this, he'd have to cost sheamus the match (feud with him in the short term and then move on to a bigger one for mania)
  14. lol! I can imagine this happening, only the Miz would get a really really cheesy or cheap win, then Brock coming back and kicking the sh*t ouf of him basically. That's pretty much the storyline that fits Brock, just because of how big he is, the crowd likes these sparks of dominance from a guy like that.

    This would be awesome though to see Brock back, the only reason i'm watching the WWE again is because of all the older decent guys making appearances here and there. The new guys don't seem to have the character that these older guys have. After about the time when John Cena came into the WWE and guys like Batista, that show of trait kind of stopped. Now charisma from the newer guys just stems from arrogance. However, being the WWE, they need to have a clear classification of some top guys and lower class guys, if everybody was made to look like they had equal skill it would be boring.

    I bet you Brock will stay for a bit though, unless he gets sick (stomach problems). Only reason he's back is probably because he promised his kids and wife that he would stop with the UFC now.
  15. Brock vs #bestintheworld Santino Marella wm 29 now that would be epic
  16. Ahaha, Santino would crap his pants and ask Maria to help him out :otunga:
  17. I think Brock will be feuding with different opponants in this 1 year. Cena first from what is going on now and then he will move onto guys like CM Punk, Undertaker, Austin
  18. I'd actually love to see that although I'm not quiet keen on having The Miz as a face due to the fact that he's awesome as a heel and like Crayo's said he's got so much more left in him as a heel. I'd personally keep The Miz as a heel but if this is what'd happen I wouldn't mind that as that's a great thing for The Miz's career.
  19. Has Brock showed his face in the WWE recently? Just asking to see whether or not any of you have seen him yet, I missed a few WWE shows...
  20. He's been on the last two RAW's!
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