WrestleMania Predict members of Team Lauranitus Vs. Team Long

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Source: LOP

    So we know that there will be six members on each team.
    So who do we predict will be the members?

    Team Excitement
    David Otunga
    Alberto Del Rio
    Mark Henry
    Drew McIntyre
    The Miz

    Team Tag-Team Playa
    The Great Khali
    Justin Gabriel
    Kofi Kingston
    Ezekiel Jackson

    If they don't do Randy Orton vs. Kane at Wrestlemania, I predict that Big Zeke and maybe Henry will be replaced.
  2. Agree with what you have said. If Ace's team don't win that then it might actually just ruin WM for me.
  3. I want Mr. Excitement to win, thus he will end the brand extension aka RAW Supershow.
    After that maybe the WWE Draft will mean something.
  4. PWInsider had a report earlier...
    Show Spoiler
    Team Johnny: Mark Henry, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Jack Swagger
    Team Teddy: Ezekiel Jackson, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Great Khali, Santino Marella, and a superstar to be named later... It should be Rey Mysterio if he's healthy enough to compete, if not, the favorite is Evan Bourne.

    Yo, CM Punk, nice job!
  5. Team Excitement:
    The Ace-Team
    Dolph Ziggler
    Jack Swagger

    Team Tag-Team Playa:
    The Great Khali
    Justin Gabriel
    Kofi Kingston
    Ezekiel Jackson
  6. I was off a bit, but still appreciate the love yo!
  7. For the people who did not know the Ace Team.


  8. Oh god, I see Teddy winning for some reason.
  9. If Teddy wins, Crayo will be like.. (look at his sig)

  10. It looks like a mismatch on paper in Ace's favor.
    Maybe the casual fans will have a reason to cheer on Teddy's team, good booking?
  11. Can I pick different superstars even though we already know the ones participating? If so, I'm picking Brock Lesnar, Matt Morgan, Scott Steiner, Crimson, Bobby Lashley, Batista.... That's my star RAW team..
  12. As of right now, these are the teams.
    Show Spoiler


    So is Christian but it hasn't been announced yet cuz still gotta wait till tomnorrow.
  13. Add Christian, Drew, and Great Khali to the teams.
  14. Would love to see Drew in the match. The dude deserves it.
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  15. Optimus said Drew was in.

  16. Lol I was replying to Cray's comment above mine! Forgot to quote!

    My bad! My bad!:brodus:
  17. Updated the new team members.

  18. Why does Mark Henry always look like he's going on a psycho rape spree?
  19. Cuz he is B.A. ... I mean Mark Henry, they prolly promised him something after the shoot, so he was screaming at it to get it..
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