Predict MitB spots.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. - Zig Zag off a ladder

    - Kidd doing some sort of flying move onto a big group of people outside the ring from a ladder.

    - Tensai doing a double handed chokeslam or powerbomb to Kidd through a ladder balanced onthe barricade.

    Any of your predictions?
  2. kane chokeslamming big show off top of ladder !!
  3. ZigZag off a ladder would be weird imo..

    I mean, he pulls his opponent down, and the opponents legs go up, so if it is preformed off a ladder, the guy would land on his front, if I'm right. But it would be awesome.

    Hmm.. Some sick jumps by Kidd off a ladder would exite me..
  4. Guy climbs ladder, Ziggs jumps and pulls him down if he's 2/3 rungs up.
  5. Kidd going after Tensai when the match starts.
    Kidd doing Springboard Clothesline. (Hart Attack without DHR holding the person)
    Kidd jumping into a group of people.
    Kidd receiving double handed chokeslam onto ladder.
    Kidd receiving a splash from Tensai.
  6. :I dunno about spots, but I'm putting money on Sin Cara injuring himself again :dawg:
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  7. I lol'd. :jeritroll:
  8. nothing memorable happen this time
  9. u serious bro?
  10. well i cant remember anything :/ what memorable things did you think happened
  11. tyson kidd flipping DZ of the ladder was one

    christian spearing cody of the ladder after cody had faceplanted kidd of it.

    Slow getting buried under the ladders as it was funny

    All I've got atm there were a few though!
  12. loved the show getting buried by ladders bit D: but it had no shock value :/

    didnt like the spear or flippy thing which i think was supposed to be a powerbomb?

    my brain sucks :upset: :yuno: get entertainment from things anymore
  13. Fair enuf boss we all have our own views just surprised as they were half decent MITB matches for me!
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