Predict the 1000th Raw Viewing Figures

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Matt, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. So they're hyping up the 1000th episode so fucking much. They're probably going to get loads of viewers. predict how many people you think will watch it.

    to help you out a bit, here are the last 4 weeks ratings as a guide

    June 11th 4.98 million viewers
    June 18th 4.62 million viewers
    June 25th 4.71 million viewers
    July 2nd 4.71 million viewers

    I predict 5.32 million viewers :obama:
  2. I'm not sure about the viewers, but they'll probably be up. 5.2 millions?

    Ratings will be... 4.8. :hmm:
  3. 5.49 million viewers is my guess.
  4. I no clue how the rating thing work so i didnt include it ;D
  5. Over 9000?
  6. Ratings will be about 4.6 with 5.8 million viewers.
  7. You guys are way over-exaggerating. Ratings will be probably 3.6-3.8 with over 5 million viewers.
  8. Game over.
  9. 7 people will watch me, R'Albin,D'Z,Hoss,Leo,Rainman and that other guy who's usually in the discussion thread.

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    :haha: I'll say 5 million pulling a 3.9
  10. So you mean me since Crayo ain't a guy :haha:
  11. You were the other guy definitely, that other guy you mentioned sucks.
  12. Who's this 'Crayo' you speak of Stop?
  13. The GOAT. Know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH.
  14. The beaten Jabroni, dick eating, fail blazing, penis raising and y'all don't like him because he kisses people's asses?
  15. Crayo, I recognise that name from somewhere is he Xanths apprentice?
  16. Is Crayo a dude?
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