Predict the EPL 2012/2013 Season

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  1. Every correct prediction come end of the season will gain you one point. Whoever has the most points wins $20 PayPal.

    [b]PL Champions:[/b]
    [b]FA Cup Winners:[/b]
    [b]Capital One Cup:[/b]
    Tie breaker question:
    [b]Winner of Champions League:[/b]
    All teams currently in the PL can be found here:

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  2. PL Champions: City - Come at me Crayo.
    FA Cup Winners: - Newcastle
    Capital One Cup: - Liverpool

    Tie breaker question:
    Winner of Champions League: - Barca

    #1: - City
    #2: - Manure
    #3: - Chavski
    #4: - Arseholes
    #5: - Everton
    #6: - Swansea
    #7: - Liverpool
    #8: - Spurs (expecting them to go to shit this season tbh)
    #9: - Newcastle (Can't see the squad coping too well with Europa League tbh)
    #10: - Sunderland ( You'll hate me for putting them behind the geordies I bet.)
    #11: - Stoke
    #12: - Reading
    #13: - QPR
    #14: - West Ham
    #15: - Norwich
    #16: - Villa
    #17: - Fulham
    #18: - Wigan
    #19: - Saints
    #20: - WBA
  3. PL Winner: City
    FA Cup Winner: Everton
    Capitol One Cup Winner: Newcastle

    1: City
    2: ManU
    3: Aresnal
    4: Chelsea
    5: Spurs
    6: Everton
    7: Newcastle
    8: Swansea
    9: Liverpool
    10: Stoke
    11: Norwich
    12: Fulham
    13: WBA
    14: Wigan
    15: West Ham
    16: Villa
    17: QPR
    18: Sunderland (sorry mate but rivalries are rivalries)
    19: Reading
    20: Southampton

    CL Winner: Real Madrid
  4. PL Winner: United (or Chelsea)
    FA Cup Winner: Chelsea
    Capitol One Cup Winner: City

    1: Man United
    2: Chelsea
    3: Man Shitty
    4: Arsenal
    5: Spurs
    6: Newcastle
    7: Everton
    8: Liverpool
    9: Swansea
    10: Stoke
    11: Norwich
    12: Fulham
    13: WBA
    14: Sunderland
    15: West Ham
    16: Reading
    17: Wigan
    18: QPR
    19: Villa
    20: Southampton

    CL Winner: Real Madrid
  5. But me and Seabs won't care what happens because his team got promoted, and my teams just awful, Championship football FTW!
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  6. I'll be rooting for Sheffield Wednesday's demise since Seabs is a fan of Liverpool.
  7. You'll support Middlesbrough though right?
    Dalglish supports Suarez=Also racist
    Manager (at the time) and star striker racist=Liverpool is racist.
  8. Hates me for liking Liverpool yet supports the team who played this man :



    I would lol if we played Man U in the cup or some shit.
  9. I'll support Middlesbrough over Sheffield Wed yes.

    You don't like Cantona (one of the GOAT's) but like Balotelli? Mario is just a black version of Eric bro.


    P.S: How can you not like a man who dropkicks a fan in the face after taking abuse? Come on!
  10. Cantona was a genius, we even nearly signed him before Francis wanted him to play on grass but you criticize me for liking Liverpool based upon the action of Suarez being a racist prick yet you support Man U who idolized Cantona even though he kicked a fan in the face, seems slightly hypocritical IMO. Suarez was an idiot but if that's a valid reason to say someone shouldn't like the team, then surely Eric's action is as well.
  11. :win: YES! Middlesbrough actually have two fans in the whole wide world!
    "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea, Thank you very much." you gotta love this man.
  12. As I said, Cantona is the Mario Balotelli of that time. Suarez isn't a Mario Baloetlli, he's scum (not the main reason I hate Liverpool anyway). Mario does things like crash a brand mew car, set his house on fire, give 1k to a homeless guy, punch grass, get red carded, score 2 goals against Germany to send his country through to the final, push his manager after losing to Spain.

    Suarez pinching Evra's skin and saying "Don't go near me, you're black", "Blackie Blackie Blackie" and stuff is nothing like Eric or Mario. Eric was egotistical, Mario is egotistical, Suarez is scum. If Mario kicked a fan abusing him in the face, do you expect me to mark my tits off with Dolph's in the discussion thread? Hell yeah. If Eric called Andy Cole a ***** and pinched his skin, would I mark? Hell no.
  13. How are you lot getting on so far btw ColeMiner? Any decent players coming in ?


    Tbh I always considered physical actions worse than verbal insults. I guess that's just me. I'm not condoning Suarez's action at all, I found it disgusting but to me personally kicking a fan is the worse of the two. I guess we'll have to chalk it off to differing views.
  14. But it's the same as you going to a pub, some dude calling you X names and you retaliating with violence. Who's worse in society (taking football out of the story), a guy retaliating to verbal abuse with physical abuse or a racist? In my opinion it'd be the racist. I still don't think one hot-headed moment from Eric (which he apologised for immediately afterwards IIRC) is worse than Suarez' comments. Suarez didn't even apologise and then refused to shake Evra's hand (who was willing to forgive and forget).

    But yeah, difference of opinion I guess. He's not the main reason I hate Liverpool - it's the fans - but he's contributed to it a lot this year lol :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Shame though, he's a genius player on his day too.
  15. Not really bringing anyone in but letting them go #Middlesbroughlogic
    We're letting go our Right Back, possibly our two CBs (two best in the league imo) letting our two CMs go, Nicky Bailey should be playing in the prem and Barry Robson is going to Canada, why he is I will never know. And to to replace all of them, we signed... Grant Leadbitter :facepalm1: things are not looking good next season for us. How about Wed though, any important signings coming in?
  16. I saw Baily play in the few games I watched Middlesbrough last season and boy was I impressed.
  17. He's a fantastic Championship holding Midfielder and would be a decent to good Prem player, shame we're losing him but he deserves better than us. I hated him when he first signed, said he was one of our worst ever players (he was an attacking midfielder when he signed) but then Tony Mogga switched him to DMF and he instantly became my favourite Boro player.
  18. We've picked up a fair few signings so far actually.

    Gardner - Will be great if we get 30 games out of him IMO, Palace and Hull fans love him.

    Mattock - Had problems since leaving Leicester but Brighton fans seemed to adore him so hopefully he's got his shit together.

    Lee - Crayo may know him, the ex Man U lad who plays RB. Anyway won Oldham's player of the year I think, obviously it's only L1 but still he could be a good back up to Buxton.

    Kirkland - If he stays fit will be on of the best keepers in the league IMO, that is a big if though.

    Maguire - Pompey fans loved him, Derby fans wanted him to play before he fell out with Clough. Looks to be a good creative player who does a shift. Again looks to be a decent buy.

    I know what you mean about not holding onto your best players we had years of that before Milan took over with Brunt, Whelan and countless others lol. I've heard Bailey is meant to be a great player also tbh. Hope things pick up a bit for your lot, always liked Boro, especially for the academy, that was incredible at one point.
  19. I always thought he could fit quite well in Swansea's set up personally.

    @Seabs: I hated Lee, I remember watching him in reserve games (yes I watch United reserve games), but I always thought he had talent but wasn't using it. I didn't watch League 1 at all so I have no idea what he's like now.
  20. Apparently he came on a ton with first team football, worst case scenario he'll be a back up to Buxton. Who has arguably been our best performer at RB for the past 2 years.
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