Predict the main post-Wrestlemania fueds

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Since we have a six week build to ER, there's likely to be some pretty big fueds. Is everybody expecting the card to just be built out of rematches or will we see some new ones?
  2. Sheamus vs Orton.
    Cesaro vs Christian
  3. The Rock is scheduled to be at Extreme Rules so I'm guessing he uses his rematch clause to get a match against Cena for the rubber match.

    Brock Lesnar is also being advertised for Extreme Rules by the WWE, so the question is who does he fight. I had an idea awhile back that they could combine two feuds from Wrestlemania (Taker/Punk, Brock/HHH) into a tag team match. We'd finally get to see Punk and Brock form a duo and it'd be cool to see HHH and Taker come together, given how things ended for them through the "End of An Era" match last year. I seriously doubt this is happening, as neither Punk or Taker are being advertised, though there's still several weeks for it to happen. Another possibility (coming from a rumor from Dave Meltzer) is that Batista wants to work a schedule similar to Brock and Rock where he wrestles a match every once and awhile, and if Batista can get a deal worked out soon, they want to do Batista/Lesnar at ER, which I think would be awesome. And it also gives plausibility to the idea of HHH losing at Wrestlemania. Take all of that with a grain of salt.

    I'm thinking Sheamus and Orton is an obvious one if Orton does indeed go heel and cost his team the match at Wrestlemania. I have the mental image of the Big Show being left all on his own to get destroyed and pinned by The Shield. So, maybe Big Show will continue to battle them and vow to break and destroy them (The Shield) himself. A handicap match at Extreme Rules.

    Ryback and Mark Henry will probably continue their rivalry. As will Del Rio and Swagger. And maybe Team Hell No will break up and fight each other at long last. etc., etc.
  4. tired of seeing the same guys in the main event, in heated feuds. Maybe they should try to have another barrett-cena feud and have wade take the title from cena or just have wade barrettt feud with someone who's in the main event picture
  5. DB/Kane as they break up. Rock/Cena for the rematch. Not really sure where Brock goes, the idea of him with Punk vs Taker and HHH by KL is very good but I don't think they'll do that, so who knows.
  6. Rock/Cena III , Sheamus/Orton, Brock is there too, I'm really excited for ER this year.
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