Royal Rumble Predict the Order of entrants

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Dec 23, 2014.

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  1. It is a little early right now but I wanna see what people think, who will be number 1, who will be 30, returns, etc.

    Since some people know about some possible returns I put this as a spoiler. Once the ppv gets closer and we know more about matches and entrants confirmed you can post a new order.
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  2. All of us should make a bet on this.

    Whoever guesses the exact order of entrances gets $9.99 as a prize.
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  3. I want to say Miz and Damien Mizdow will somehow draw 1&2 to let them to do their little comedy act to open the match.\
    Neither man will wrestle the other, but Mizdow will cause Miz to inadvertently to get eliminated by the time more talent enters the match

    If not, Fandango will enter #1
    Ziggler will last the longest.
    Rusev will last a long time as well.
    Rollins will enter #27
    Jericho will enter
    Reigns will enter #21
    Kane will enter #30

    The Final Four : Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose and Randy Orton
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  4. I agree on Miz and Mizdow. Mizdow will most likely cause Miz to get eliminated, in order to set off the feud. He may as well get himself eliminated up next, to somehow redeem to what he (accidentally) did to Miz. But, we'll see what happens.

    As far as the numbers go, I have zero idea who'll draw which number. D-Bry coming back and entering #30 (or from 27-30) would be sweet, though. I'd mark out!

    Rollins has no business going into the Rumble match, in my opinion. Seth posessing the MITB briefcase has him a secured title shot, having Rollins participate in the Rumble for the sake of having him there is pretty much pointless, if you ask me.
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  5. Great post, especially the bolded part.
    #27 is an extremely important number. @Lockard23 I'm not sure of the stats, but its worth Michael Cole mentioning on air.

    Rollins has plenty of business. It will draw him heat and would allow him to win the title and keep the briefcase once Mania is over.
    But.... the main reason is to set up his Wrestlemania match with Dean Ambrose.
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  6. Thanks, bruh.

    I'm pretty sure Ambrose/Rollins feud can be picked up on at any point. It may happen at the Rumble, or at any other time, I guess. Dean can just be like 'You didn't think I really forgot about you, Seth? This is far from over, you son of a bitch.'

    I doubt it's gonna happen at the Rumble, though. But if it does, then alright. You were right and I was wrong and all's cool.
    My guess is that Rollins is gonna get screwed out of the victory at the Rumble, whoever his opponent may be, I think Orton's gonna appear and RKOOUTTANOWHERE Rollins and continue their feud into Fast Lane PPV. (Woo-hoo, it's the Memphis Grand Prix, yo! I'm wondering what cars the superstars are gonna be driving? LOL)

    Another plausible scenario is that Orton may return next week and continue his feud with Seth heading into the Rumble. That's where another scenario comes to play, like you mentioned... Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose and Orton are the final four in the Rumble match and the Ambrose/Rollins feud is set to culminate at WM31 from that point on.

    But, I'm not really a fan of this idea of having Rollins compete in the Rumble. It'd be like, Lesnar as the WWE-WHC wins the Rumble and then he's like 'Bye, bye, bitches! I won the Rumble, there's no WM opponent for me, I can't fight myself, so I am gonna do what I do best - Disappear.'

  7. here is mine
  8. Yes, #27 is indeed the luckiest number in the match since it has produced more winners in history than any other number. Ironically, the two unluckiest numbers (#1 and #2, which technically carry the same likelihood of winning/losing since both men start the match off at the same time) have generated the same number of winners as the 'luckiest' number, #30 - two each.

    I don't see the issue with Rollins entering as part of the Royal Rumble match. Yes, the briefcase already guarantees him a shot at any time, but winning the Rumble would guarantee him another (on top of being a nice feather in the cap in and of itself), and if he were to fight the champ in the main event and at any point thought he might fail, he could always get himself disqualified by assaulting his opponent with the briefcase or a steel chair or something, and then immediately cash in the briefcase and become champion. It's a win-win situation for him. Obviously, that exact scenario isn't gonna happen, but it still makes sense as a strategy that Rollins (the self-proclaimed 'Architect' and 'Mastermind', remember) would try to employ. No different than Edge being apart of the 2005 Gold Rush tournament (and winning!) that earned the winner a shot at the WHC, despite the fact that he had already won the MITB briefcase a few months earlier.
  9. Xavier Woods # 13
    Iced Z # 10
    Damien & Miz #3 & #4
    Randy Orton #28
    Roman Reigns #5
    Dolph Ziggler #1 or #2
  10. I don't know why you people say that Rollins entering in the Rumble is a bad idea. It actually isn't. It happened in 2012 with Zigger being Mr. Money in the bank and in that match he lasted about 50 minutes. It's a good way to build Rollins even though it's kinda known that he's not gonna win, just because he already is Mr. Money in the Bank (and Reigns is in the match too, and if he doesn't win, it ain't gonna make him look strong. Holy talent!).
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    I'm not cool with Rollins being there for the sake of him being there.
    The WWE would be like 'LOL, let's just have him there so that he could be eliminated by Reigns. Roman needs to look strong and break his own elimination record.'

    The reason I'm not a fan of Rollins being in the Rumble is... It'd be like, Lesnar as the WWE-WHC wins the Rumble and then he's like 'Bye, bye, bitches! I won the Rumble, there's no WM opponent for me, I can't fight myself, so I am gonna do what I do best - Disappear.'

    However, if they're gonna continue Seth's feud with Ambrose at the Rumble and then that feud culminating at WM31, then I'd be okay with it.
  12. Nope, Roman Reigns will enter #1, so that he'd eliminate 29 other superstars and break his own record by a mile. :heenan:
  13. You lost me on that second paragraph there. If Rollins wins the Rumble Lesnar fights himself at WM? :idk:
  14. No.
    The main point is that it'd be silly to have Rollins in the Rumble just for the sake of him being there... As much as it'd be silly having Lesnar (who is the WWE-WHC) participating in the Rumble match and plus winning it, meaning he'd have no WM opponent.

    Get it?
  15. Well, it wouldn't be just for the sake of him being there. Granted he has the guaranteed contract, but it's not mandatory that he cashes in before WM. He could, theoretically, wrestle the champ at WM while still Mr. MITB, which would also add another layer of drama to the whole thing being that the could just cash in afterwards if he lost, or get himself DQed to take advantage of the briefcase or whatever. So there would be a logical reason. Plus, in kayfabe I'm sure Rollins would enjoy being able to say he won the RR match.
  16. Yes, Rollins being Mr. MITB has him a guaranteed title match at any time and any place. I see where you're coming from.
    But, the odds of him participating in the Rumble and actually winning it amount to zero... Hence why I said not to have him there only to get fed to Reigns.

    Unless they're planning to trigger Ambrose/Rollins feud again at the Rumble, then I'd be okay with it.
  17. Well, but in that case like half the wrestlers have no reason to be there. :dawg:
  18. Exactly.

    Reigns should enter #1 and eliminate all of 'em as they come.
  19. Ziggler #1 Cena #2-3. Kane J&J Henry Show and finally Rollins all mid-late teens. Reigns 23, Wyatt and Ambrose early on (6-7?) with Daniel Bryan and HHH coming towards the very end (no they won't compete) Orton takes out the authority guys at 18 or so.
  20. Why would Cena be in the Rumble match? Doesn't make sense.
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