Elimination Chamber Predict the other matches at EC.

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  1. Simple, predict the matches.

    Cena vs Kane - No holds barred?
    Ryder vs Swagger - Maybe :S
    Eve vs Beth (if Kharma hasn't returned)
  2. Ryder still has to deal with Kane and he's also recovering. Ryder and Swagger might go face off at Wrestlemania.
  3. Smackdown Elimination Chamber starts show.
    Cody Rhodes Vs. Goldust - IC Championship
    Brodus Clay Vs. William Regal
    Beth Phoenix Vs. Eve or Kelly Kelly for Divas Championship.
    Kane vs John Cena - No DQ, No Countout.
    RAW Elimination Chamber.
  4. Clay vs Mcintyre
    Goldust won't be at EC.
  5. You can't confirm anything as of now.
    As for McIntyre, why would he have a rematch and get squashed again?
    If Clay loses than his character is dead within 1 month.
  6. If Goldust is at EC I'll give you free Superstar. Rhodes is in the EC match, why would GD be there?
  7. WTF? I didn't notice that he was in the EC match.
    I'll still go for it though.
  8. Lmao if he's not you BUY Superstar. Now we're on.
  9. @[CM Punk] ducking a bet!
  10. Say whaaa? I already kinda lost.