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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. With these team vs team matches they always have predictable segments on RAW. For example since they all conveniently have individual feuds with individual members of the other team, they will have matches against them.
    Let's try and predict them.
  2. Berto cuts promo on pointless shit, Orton interrupts and attacks him somehow.

    Miz and Kofi will have a match.

    Friendship and RhodeScholars will hopefully have some sort of a microphone segment, will be fantastic if they do.

    Punk and Ryback will have a segment with Brad Maddox.
  3. Is it a pretty much guarantee for some three man tag match? Scholars + ADR vs Friendship and Orton.
  4. I suspect they'll mix up the feuds a bit for the Raw matches over the next couple of weeks. Example: Orton vs Miz, Kofi vs Del Rio, Ryback vs Cody Rhodes, etc. And the matches will have interference from people that the person currently is feuding with (expect Del Rio to cost Orton a match, etc.)
  5. Anyone else find that really depressing?
  6. Not really. What else can we expect them to do? It's the best way to build to a team elimination match, by having them compete in separate singles matches against each other leading to the PPV.
  7. I disagree. I'm tired of these elimination matches being built with mini-individual feuds constantly. Are we meant to believe ADR -- the selfish rich guy who feuded with Punk not to long ago -- is willing to BACK Punk, team with Punk and NOT be the leader just because he's a "bad guy"? I just despise that logic.

    They could have made a mini-Heyman stable with Team Punk going around dominating RAW and causing havoc because Heyman isn't GM and Punk isn't respected, and then having the faces unite as they were the "victims" or something. I dunno, something more unique should have been done for a big PPV like SS. But with a PPV just three weeks before it, I guess unique is something I shouldn't expect.
  8. Feel that you're right..
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