Predict Undertaker and Rock's return.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Predictions? When will they return and what will they do for their return segment?
  2. Rock: No real idea of when but I know what he will do. Theme song - walk into ring, shoot of all his corny one liners (finally! Goose bumps etc) - talk a bunch - pick feud with top carder possibly the champ at the time - rough him up either on mic or in ring - leave.

    Taker: Sometime around the next road to mania to pick his next target.
  3. Rock might work with CM Punk for the WWE Championship. If Punk is still champ around Summerslam, then this match would work there. Undertaker only wrestles at Wrestlemania, so he'll come back around that time next year to fight whoever (I'm predicting Brock Lesnar.)
  4. Yeah, the WWF championship tends to go to the top guy. Which is CM Punk. But now brock is the top guy so it's only a matter of time until brock beats punk for it. a lesnar and punk feud should make for an entertaining feud for the summer.
  5. The Undertaker will most likely come after Brock Lesnar is cutting a promo talking about how he's defeated all the big faces in the WWE and that he's a real ass-kicker. Then Undertaker's music hits and comes down and challenges him to a match at WrestleMania, that's what I'm thinking of.

    As for The Rock, he's most likely going to return after SummerSlam in my opinion and he's going to talk about he's back and then obviously he's going to challenge the champion at that time.
  6. Undertaker returns at next year's RTWM to challenge his next opponent, probably Lesnar. Rock will return around the Summer and start a feud with the WWE Champ, I think.
  7. Naah, if anything Brock is gonna start the feud with Undertaker. Undertaker does his return segment and Lesnar comes in and is like I can end your streak.

    Undertaker has nothing to prove so why would he challenge lesnar? lesnar wants to prove that he can end the streak. But its probs gonna be rock and brock for title so idk whos gonna face undertaker then. maybe goldberg or ryback?
  8. Undertaker vs. The Rock for the WWE Champion at WM29!
  9. I wonder if Undertaker will have changed his gimmick by then, it's been almost a decade since he's had the deadman gimmick.
  10. He will still be the Deadman!
  11. I'd like to see Ryback against Taker at WM, but if the streak is supposed to continue, it would be better if that didn't happen.
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