Predict what will happen to the magical trio.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Dean Ambrose, Rollins and Roman, what do you think they'll do with these three? I'm hoping that they are part of a Heyman stable, but I can picture Paul Heyman and CM Punk denying everything and saying they don't know these guys, which is fine.

    Ambrose needs mic time though, that is all.
  2. Apparently they arrived in style according to pwmania.

  3. Even off-camera they're bosses.
  4. The question is what did they have in the back of the car? INB4 Big E
  5. They will be fed to Ryback in a one on three handicap match and be released a few months later after inactivity. :sandow:
  6. It's sad that I can actually see this happening.

    Brad Maddox-style!

    (I'm obviously hoping not and that we'll see Maddox again. I liked what he was doing.)

  7. I'm sceptical around them, knowing Vince. I wish they succeed like a fucks and be top guys, but I dunno, I doubt.
  8. I just died inside... because I could very well see this happening

  9. One will main event, one will be a mid card, and one will be released.
  10. They'll all be fed to Ryback for breakfast by WM time, where after that they'll be put down on the develomentals until they can repackage them.
  11. Leo's think a like :dawg:

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    I'm still the superior one though
  12. Indeed we do.

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    No you're not
  13. I think it will be revealed cm punk and/or Paul Heyman was behind the attack on ryback, then again I'm not so sure. It would be crazy if it really wasn't punk or Paul Heyman(or both) though. I would like to for it to be a unpredictable.
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