Predict who Daniel Bryan will have a 5 star match with

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I think it's inevitable, but who would it be against?


    My personal belief is that Rollins and DB will be able to perform the best match, with neither being limited with their move-sets due to the size of the competitor. They could easily put on a 20+ min. masterpiece. What do you guys think? Will DB ever get the ever elusive 5-star match? And if he can who against?

    Who are some other stars you could see getting a 5 star match in the near future?
  2. The Great Khali or Miz.
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  3. Awesome post from aids, 5 stars
  4. Give him and Jericho enough time and I have little doubt they can pull of a five star match. Otherwise, Ziggler pops to mind immediately since his matches with Bryan are my favorite Bryan matches (the Bragging Rights one in particular). I suppose Punk is possible too but I feel they would've already had one with all the times they wrestled in WWE.
    I haven't seen the Rollins one yet, heard great things about it though so I may check it out later.
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  5. Realistically, Punk. It's only a matter of time before they feud again. Ziggler is another contender. I don't think we will see a Rollins/Bryan program for a while yet, unless things change significantly for one of them. Honestly, if the story and crowd were behind it, Cena/Bryan can easily have a 5 star match this summer, so he's another name to put in the hat.
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  6. Rollins is a great worker so i can see it if they had a lengthy match. I think Christian could be another one granted its unlikely they will work a program with each other and Christian is no spring chicken but he is another fantastic worker.
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  7. John Cena: I think he can bring the best out of Cena like Orton, Edge and Punk can
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  8. Many voted John Cena/CM Punk from MITB 2011 as a 5 star match so no doubt Bryan and Cena could put out a classic as well... Especially when you consider that Bryan/Cena would deliver not just in-ring but from a story perspective as well (just like the aforementioned) due to Bryan's eagerness to prove he's a contender and Cena being the WWE Champion who's been top dog for nearly a decade. Can Bryan overcome his greatest challenge yet and become champion by defeating a man who seemingly has overcome everything and everyone at this point?

    It writes itself, basically.
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  9. I like Adam's answer a lot, but your choices are solid. I think DB could put on a great match with Punk or Dolph but I love when I get to see Bryan vs Rollins.
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  10. *seab. Also Jerry the king Lawler
  11. Keep those 5 star posts coming!
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  12. holy cow i just realized you have more posts and less likes than me. Im not last! :pity:

    I thought his match with rollins was amazing, id like to see more of it.
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  13. Holy cow, no one cares

    And yeah, agreed.
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  14. Thats a trick question! He could carry Mae Young to a five star match!
  15. Undertaker and the reason i say it is because Taker is the master in ring storyteller and Bryan knows how to do it well too. These two in a match would be phenomenal even with taker's age
  16. oh fuck you really outdid me.
  17. The Champ > Everything Else > Dog Shit > Seabs
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  18. This is hard to predict. If the storyline is as awesome as punk/Cena, it could be anyone.
    He has had one of the best matches of the last 5 year's against punk.
    There are plenty of opponents.
    Rollins, Cena..
    But I wanna add something else.
    You have forgotten about HHH and Lesnar.
    Bryan continues to have his " I need respect" or " You think I'm the weak leak" wins the WWE championship, then HHH says he's surprised because he thought he would never do it or that someone with his height would likely never win the WWE title. Something that makes Bryan mad. Then Lesnar or whoever wins the title. (After a 4,5 stars match). Trips tells Bryan that he was a good champ, then Bryan says that HHH doesn't think so. He then says he would beat HHH if it's necessary to show him how good is he and voila we have q Five stars match. Ego vs Respect
  19. I guess you never really know with these things, a 5 star match has a lot to do with how the two work together. I mean, Jericho is probably still a better worker than Cena is, yet his matches with Punk have been pretty underwhelming, whereas Cena's bouts with Punk have been fantastic. A five star match has a lot to do with how guy's styles compliment each other and how the crowd react to it all.

    In saying that, there's definitely a few folk I could see D-Bry could get a 5* match with; Punk, Rollins, Ziggler, Cena, Undertaker and Lesnar immediately spring to mind.
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