WrestleMania Predict WM 29 Match Card

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. I know it's kind of early, but predict.

    Rock/Cena 2
    Ryback/Shaemus VS. The Shield?

    This is all I have so far.
  2. WWE Championship: CM Punk Vs John Cena Vs The Rock. Winner - John Cena
    World Heavyweight Championship: Either Del Rio Vs Jack Swager, Del Rio Vs Mark Henry or Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler. Winner - Del Rio, Del Rio, Ziggler
    IC Title: Wade Barrett Vs Bo Dallas. Winner - I'd rather Barrett but I reckon Dallas will win.
    US Title: Antonio Cesaro Vs The Miz. Winner - The Miz
    Randy Orton Vs Sheamus. Winner - Randy Orton
    Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar. Winner - Triple H
    Diva's Championship: Kaitlyn Vs Tamina Vs AJ. Winner - AJ
    Tag Team Championships: I honestly have no idea. Clay/Tensai Vs Rhode Scholars? No idea for that one. Winner - No idea
    Kane Vs Daniel Bryan. Winner - Daniel Bryan
    Ryback Vs Big Show or The Shield. Either way, Ryback wins.
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