Survivor Series Predicting how the tournament finals will play out (Obvious and Shocking)

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    Now currently we are in the quarterfinals and it's really predictable how it will play out, but we all have the crazy people in our heads that tell us, "what if this happens?" So here is your obvious/shocking, World Title Finals prediction thread!


    Obvious: Reigns vs. Ambrose in finals, Ambrose gets assitance from Triple H to win and turn heel.

    Shocking: Cesaro beats Reigns on Raw instead and goes on to the finals against Ambrose, he turns heel and joins Hunter.
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  2. Obvious: Reigns vs Ambrose

    Shocking: Kalisto actually being in the tournament and beating Ryback
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  3. Obvious: Reigns vs Ambrose. Either of the two turn heel and become the new WWE-WHC.

    Shocking/Lame: Sheamus cashes in successfully at the end of the night.

    Shocking in a good way: Cesaro wins the whole thing. Just imagine that. 'I NEED TO GRAB THE BRASS RING, EH? I JUST FUCKING DID!'
  4. Obvious: it's obvious

    Shocking: Kamala comes back as an alternate and wins despite having no real legs
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  5. Definitely sounds like Ambrose might join the Authority from what he says there at the end.
  6. Obvious: Reigns defeats ADR in the semi-finals and Kevin Owens in the finals, going over the two midcard champions in order to become the undisputed world champion. Ambrose and Owens crossing paths in the semi-finals is a way of setting up their feud over the Intercontinental Title afterwards. This is the most mundane idea of all (though logical in it's own way), so that's probably how WWE will play it.

    Shocking: Reigns and Ambrose meet in the finals and one of them (especially Reigns) turns heel on the other, since it would actually be something different and exciting and we know how WWE likes to play it safe.
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  7. I think it would be pretty cool if they could somehow turn the main event into a Triple Threat match with Reigns vs Ambrose vs Owens
  8. Adding Owens to the mix could easily make it one of the biggest matches of the year.
  9. Obvious - Reigns wins
    Shocking - Kalisto beats Reigns and goes on to beat Ziggler for the title. After Lana low blows Ziggler. Afterwards they report Rusev for being an illegal the entire time. The WWE is prosecuted by the government for employing Rusev, full time and are found guilty. The WWE is shut down by the feds, afterwards.
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  10. You left out TNA becoming the biggest promotion of all time.
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  11. Do you think the semi final matches will be on Smackdown or held off until Survivor Series? I think it will come down to Del rio vs Reigns and Owens vs Ambrose so i could see them holding the matches until the PPV and doing a tag match on smackdown with Die Rio/Owens vs Reigns/Ambrose.
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  12. Well, they COULD have the semis on SmackDown to make it feel like the show matters, but yeah, what you wrote above totally makes sense.
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