Survivor Series Prediction Ratings Of Survivor Series

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Basically, do what you do for any other PPV or Raw, but prior to it happening. What do you THINK this PPV will get a rating of from you?

    I am going to go with a 4 which is VERY low for a PPV. Even the half way decent ones get a 7 from me. Why a 4? Well, I feel like there will be maybe one or two good matches and the rest of the PPV will be slow/boring. I think it is going to come off as a decent Raw but a poor PPV.
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  2. lol at me botching the title of the PPV. May as well rename it "Surviving Series".
  3. A 4 or 5 out of 10. I hope I'm wrong and WWE surprises us in a pleasant way.
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  4. Here is to hoping but I think it is going to be a flop.
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  5. Tournament matches are guaranteed to be good, but that's about it. Well that and Tyler Breeze going over Ziggler, if it's added. 3 matches out of the entire card not being good wouldn't be a problem, except they'll probably take up a long time. With that being the case I'm expecting it to be a 7/10.
  6. That high, really? I gave the last one a 7 I think and that one had Brock.
  7. Like I said, the tournament matches will be good. That's five matches right there, and then there's Breeze/Ziggler (maybe). Not to mention the unpredictable main event, it's the first one in a while. I'm not factoring in all the in-between segments & possible filler matches, but from what I mentioned-- I think it has a lot of makings for a good event.
  8. Depending on the main-event.. If they just go ahead and give Reigns the belt without doing anything else. It will ruin the whole PPV... I have no problem with Reigns being champion, but since Rollins got hurt here's an opportunity to do something different, something people aren't expecting.
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  9. ill give it a 6. The last few PPVs have all been pretty good in my opinion so I'm feeling optimistic. It really all comes down to the main event, which will probably be Ambrose vs Reigns. Seeing a new champion will be excited, and then a heel turn and/or a MITB cash will be the big splash of the night.

    Seeing the Brothers of Destruction on Takers 25th Anniversary should be fun as well.
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  10. This is what I am hoping for. They take the chance to be unpredictable.
  11. 6/10, we'll get what we expect and that's Reigns or Ambrose as champ with a turn from either the winner or loser after the match or the following night. Other than that, everything looks flat, well... maybe not Owens vs. Ambrose, they will carry the fucking ball if they put in the effort. Paige and Charlotte on notice, 2 real women wrestlers. Brothers vs Wyatts? Sorry but no... I couldn't really care. Why isn't Usos vs. New Day on the card? Idk, but PUT THE NEW DAY ON THE CARD. There appear to be a lot of open space on this card... so we are probably gonna get a ton of thrown together matches.
  12. It definitely depends on how the title match plays out... and right now I'm not entirely sure how I'll feel about how the ending is.
    So it's hard to really say a NUMBER, but...

    Charlotte and Paige should be okay, and while we don't care about the feud we could easily get sucked into the Brothers vs the Wyatts
    Breeze and Ziggler will be MOTN since Ziggler isn't selling the injury... We'll see on the Survivor Series match. The finish should be what we remember, fun to see who the sole survivor will be.
    Usos vs New Day will be a Raw match if it happens, Reigns vs ADR is going to be AWFUL, a Worst Match of the Year contender. Owens vs Ambrose could be spectacular.

    So I guess a 5 or an 8 depending on how lame the finish is
  13. I had a nightmare a few nights ago that ADR actually progressed to the finals and won the title and became The Authority's new golden boy. If that happens, or if Sheamus cashes in at the end of the night and becomes champion, I'm giving this PPV a straight 0.

    Beyond that, I can't see myself rating it anything below a 6/10 or a 7/10 at worst (even though I don't typically bother rating PPVs by numbers anyway), even if they do roll with the most expected outcomes.
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  14. Ce-sa-ro! Ce-sa-ro! :cesaro:

    Considering the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series elimination match has zero build and hype, my guess is these two teams could collide:
    Team Cesaro (Cesaro, Neville, Ryback and The Usos or Cesaro, The Dudleyz & The Usos) vs Team Heels (Sheamus, Barrett & The New Day)

    Team babyfaces win.
  15. The rumor I saw was Kofi + Big E + Cosmic Wasteland vs Luchas + Usos + Cesaro. :no:

    That's seriously the plan though, but... I'm still skeptical. Seem to remember every year that doesn't get any followup anyway.
    Maybe the New Day will come out of this looking strong? Why not?
  16. Hope The New Day eliminate the bloody Usos if either team participates in the SS match.

    But, knowing WWE, team babyfaces could win with all of their members surviving. Because why not.
  17. But the USOs are on my fantasy team :emoji_slight_frown: You don't really want me to be sad like that, do you?
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  18. K, I'll make ya happy. Come to the bedroom. We need to WRESTLE. Again.
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  19. You always know what works :emoji_slight_smile:

    On topic, I actually am going to predict an 8. The PPVs have been so much stronger than the Raw shows lately and I see no reason why that is going to end now.

    If the show ends with either Ambrose or Reigns as a heel and champion, I will like it. If Keven Owens becomes champion, I will love it although it is unlikely. Del Rio would irritate me but I am sure none of us really believe it has any chance of happening. Reigns winning as a face would really irritate me too. Ambrose as a face wouldn't bother me as much.

    I really think this has the potential if it doesn't get fucked up.
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