Prediction Time.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Predict when Sin Cara will win a singles title and which title will it be. :dawg: I'd say he'll well have the world title by early 2013. Granted he doesn't botch and get put out for another 9 months.
  2. The return of the Cruiserweight title vs rey mysterio sometime later this year
  3. If he carries on selling merch then he'll have the world title mid 2014 imo, his 1st title win will be the IC in late 2012.
  4. IC Title, probably this year. If not, 2013.
  5. If I had it my way he'd be the cruiser weight title holder. But I feel he'll become IC champion or perhaps US champion in early 2013.
  6. He will never have a real title. He might get the IC or US belt at some point, but who cares.
  7. Sin Cara wins US Title and changes it to Mexico Title. #Heelturn.
  8. Heel Sin Cara could be pretty awesome lmao.
  9. It could work, but I think he should be a face for now.
  10. Bring back the light weight championship. I am so tired of the S-L-O-W wrestling we see all the time
  11. I seriously doubt he'll ever have the world title. Maybe an IC or US Title run, but that's it.
  12. He's extremely over, the fans love him, he's exciting to watch, he's a natural face. I'd say he'll have the world title.
  13. lol Then I guess Santino should be winning the title any day now.

    It takes more than being over and being a guy who fans like to be world champion. Sin Cara was barely here the first time around (and I personally didn't notice that he was 'extremely' over), it's a little early to say whether he'll be world champion or not.
  14. Santino is completely different from Sin Cara. Might as well be comparing hornswaggle to rey mysterio. And besides, santino already won the US/IC title. But obviously, his comedic skits aren't enough to have him win the bigger titles. Sin Cara on the other hand is someone wwe went out of their way to sign, similar to lesnar. he's also amazing in the ring. so yeah, comparing cara with santino is like comparing a melon to an banana
  15. The one thing that means Cara will never hold the world title is the fact he doesn't speak a word of English. The world champ must be able to handle a promo on his own in these times. Cara simply can't and teaching him English just for that is a waste of time and money. He'll be the big mid card face of Smackdown but nothing more.

  16. [​IMG]
  17. Cara will get a world title run just because how bright his star is in Mexico from his days as Mistico. Similar vein to Rey, he's a massive star over there.
  18. Cara got over with casuals in what, 2 appearances? He was one of the most over guys on the roster until they put him in a clone feud.
  19. I wouldn't know, it's impossible to tell what a guy's real reaction is on SD
  20. As Vince pointed out, Khali won the championship. Sin Cara > Khali by several miles. Plus, Jeff Hardy also became champion, he speaks English but Jeff doesn't talk much, instead he speaks with his actions and stunts, hence why people love him and his style. Plus, the whole no English thing would only be a big deal if this was the WWE championship. Mind you this is the world title. Cara can become World champion and WWE can make it work w/o having Cara speak too much. And how is teaching him English a waste of money. I bet you Rey has already taught him a sentence or two backstage in like 15 minutes.

    Yeah, that shit was retarded. The clone feud. :facepalm1: And he did get over with casuals in about 2 appearances, I don't think anyone could do that. Sin Cara is cool.
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