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    This thread will record the winners of our PPV prediction contests.
    3-time winners receive the triple crown award [​IMG]

    SummerSlam 2015
    Extreme Rules 2016
    Survivor Series 2016
    Elimination Chamber 2017
    Backlash 2017
    Money in the Bank 2017

    @Leo C
    Money in the Bank 2013
    Night of Champions 2013
    Royal Rumble 2015
    Over The Limit 2012

    TLC 2015
    Extreme Rules 2016
    Battleground 2016
    Payback 2017

    @Mr. Roman Empire
    Survivor Series 2015
    WrestleMania 32
    No Mercy 2016
    Money in the Bank 2017

    TLC 2012
    Hell in a Cell 2013
    Survivor Series 2013

    @Jacob Fox
    WrestleMania 32
    Royal Rumble 2017
    Great Balls of Fire 2017

    @Prince Bálor
    TLC(s) 2014
    NXT: R Evolution

    Battleground 2014
    SummerSlam 2015

    @Gav in da BPL!
    Elimination Chamber 2013
    Fast Lane 2016

    SummerSlam 2013
    Hell in a Cell 2012

    Hell in a Cell 2015
    Survivor Series 2015

    @Randy Borton
    Night of Champions 2014
    Backlash 2016

    @Just Kevin
    WrestleMania 30
    TLC 2016

    Clash of Champions 2016
    Fastlane 2017

    @The ReagMaster
    Money in the Bank 2016
    WrestleMania 33

    Roadblock 2016
    Extreme Rules 2017

    @Solid Snake
    Hell in a Cell 2016
    Battleground 2017

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  2. Can it be five-time winner/runner up? Or have a separate prize for that? Cos the same person *winning* often will be mad hard.
  3. So, will previous wins count? The reason I'm asking is because I have two wins (at #1) from late 2014. But if it's gonna count from here on out, then that's cool, as well.
  4. Yes they will.
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  5. Sweet.

    Links to my previous wins: TLCS and NXT: R Evolution
  6. Solidus is ineligible for this since he CHEATS.
  7. I've won once. :woods:
  8. Think I've had first prizes a couple of times back in the day. Never really needed them, though. :razer:
  9. You don't need anything else after #CashingIn
  10. Will gather all the stats together tomorrow.
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  11. I remember. You were happy to get that free month of Legend if I remember correctly :burns:
  12. OP updated.
    Predictions award renamed to Triple Crown and now requires 3 wins, not 5.
    Let me know if I missed any PPV's out.
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  13. Whoa didn't even know I won Wm32.
  14. Damn never knew I won one haha 3 years ago.
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  15. So, the Triple Crown is awarded only when a member wins the predictions contest 3 times at the #1 spot?
  16. Yep, a runner-up ain't a winner. :y2j:
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  17. LOL, nice one.

    Got ya, boss.
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