Predictions for Ace's Dream Team

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    So this looks like it's going to be reminiscent of 'The Corporation' of the attitude era, but a bit more successful. I am very excited for this stable though. Any heel stable, especially of this size, will cause roster wide controversy.

    I can only say for sure that I think DBryan and Miz will be 2 of the new members because of the fact that they were tagged in the article. Other than that, my guesses are as good as any.

    One thing I'm hoping for though is lots of cheating, betrayal, and Evolution-esque bloody beat downs. I think if WWE carries this out correctly, they can have at least a years worth of awesome television.

    What do you guys think? Any superstars that you see joining the other 8 positions?
  2. Ah, heel corporate stables... I love it. We already have Johnny, Otunga and Eve, we'll probably see Henry, DB, Ziggler, Swagger, Lesnar... maybe Miz, if they don't turn him face or something.
  3. Definitely expect Christian to be a part of this.
  4. It's true, Christian it perfect, considering his previous feud with Teddy and the fact that he was supposed to be on Johnny's team at WM.
  5. So, is this setting up another Team Johnny vs Team Teddy match? This storyline has to have some kind of ending! Ace can't recieve his comeuppance for holding Teddy down, so this is the next best thing, I guess. :pity:
  6. It could be the big storyline and work as the Corporation, where everyone in the stable is favoured and there are people who resist and all. Could end at Survivor Series with a traditional elimination match or something.
  7. Mark Henry as the bodyguard.
  8. Excited for the potential.

    Henry, Miz, Christian, DBryan and Rhodes I think will be in it.
  9. Enforcer*
  10. :haha:
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