Predictions for John Cena/The Rock at WM 28?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Guys I just made a incredible prediction for WM 28.

    John Cena will win the match and the Rock will end up congradulating him but then Rock Bottom him.

    Shortly after WM 18, (Rock/Hogan), Rock slowly became a heel and then finally established himself as a heel. It may have been because of the movies but I strongly believe Cena will go down the same road.

    Post your predictions!
  2. Why would him getting surprised attacked turn him heel?

    Rock won't be turning heel, he can't.
  5. New story, new case.

    Rock isn't winning. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Yeah, only Charlie Sheen is winning!

    I predict a 20-25 mins match with a lot of shenanigans in the end, but with Cenah picking up the victory.

  7. No what I meant was that John Cena wins and the Rock goes to shake hands but then he rock bottoms them to send the crowd happy.

    Over time John Cena will be heel because Rock turned heel over time shortly after his WM match with Hogan.
  8. Cena will win, obviously. It's the only finish that makes sense. And he probably won't be turning heel. Most predictable scenario is Cena wins, earns Rock's 'respect', and that's it.
  9. Rock SHOULD win, because Cena doesnt deserve to beat the rock, Cena beating the rock = Santino winning the title at EC.
    Even if Cena wins, one thing everyone can be sure, Cena isnt winning clean.
  10. Jeebak Cena has to win he is going to be leading the company for many more years so this main event is like a passing torch match.
  11. This post is why the rare good ones you make are so rare, because you tend to ruin it with idiotic posts like this lmao.

    Rock is wrestling at Mania' then leaving WWE for months until his next return. Cena, the biggest draw, the man of WWE, the face of WWE, the biggest money-maker for WWE will be there at every, single, show. Yet you think Rock should win?

    Cena is winning that's no doubt, not sure how it's going to end. It'll most likely be cleanly ending with him attacking Rock brutally to turn heel (or change to an aggressive type character) after Rock goes to shake his hand.
  13. It's just not happening mate. Cena isn't losing unless it's dirty.
  14. It would make more sense for The Rock to win and then have Cena reach his breaking point with the crowd because you know that crowd will be booing their ass off at him. Do kind of like Rtruth did when he turned heel and tell the crowd that he's tired of being good and worrying about the crowd and tell them screw the Cenation, im looking out for myself. Crowds happy Rock wins, Crowds happy Cena's heel. Perfect scenario
  15. It's not a perfect scenario though - their top face looks really bad losing to someone who has not wrestled for 7 years. Sort of buries the current era and screams "the AE was better".
  16. I'm more concerned on how The Rock vs Cena will be match wise. I know Rock's in good shape, but I'm worried he won't take many bumps.
  17. I swear The real wrestling UPW, Ruthless Aggresion, Prototype Cena better show up at Mania along with The Rock, Not Dwayne.

    They need to put on a good match better than every match they ever been in. I don't want to be disappointed by Cena being lazy as hell again along with The Rock not bringing it.
  18. Cena was really poor as the Prototype tbh from what I've seen. He only became an above average worked after he feuded with Jericho and Angle. They brought him up to standard.
  19. By Prototype I mean his aggression

    He looked pretty good in UPW for a starter which is good.
  20. Seen him in OVW and just watched a match vs CW Anderson in UPW and I'm not impressed tbh, any matches you'd recommend? He didn't seem to be greatly aggressive. He'll probably perform like at MITB or ONS.
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