Predictions for Superstar Shakeup Next Week

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Apr 10, 2018.

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    The Superstar Shake-Up also known as the WWE Draft is next week. Predict the stars you believe that will be switching brands.

    To RAW:
    - AJ Styles
    - Shinsuke Nakumura
    - Charlotte
    - Natalya
    - Jinder Mahal
    - The Usos
    - Mojo Rawley

    To SmackDown:
    - Seth Rollins
    - The Miz (w/ Miztourage?)
    - Jeff Hardy
    - Sasha Banks
    - Bayley
    - Samoa Joe
    - Nia Jax

    NXT Callups:
    - Eric Young (Sanity) to RAW (feud Matt Hardy)
    - Johnny Gargano to SmackDown
    - Tommaso Ciampa to SmackDown

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  2. I'm kinda against AJ Styles being drafted just because he is the WWE Champion and they already also have Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion.

    But there has been talks of drafting him for the last two years so I'm just gonna draft him.
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  3. I'll go more in depth in this later, but somehow I have a feeling Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will somehow get a job on Raw yet and then be moved to Smackdown.

    I'll do the post the way you set it up after I've had time to think more.
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  4. To Raw:
    The Usos
    Baron Corbin

    Balor + Club
    Big Cass (When he returns)
    Micky James

  5. Praise the lord if Sasha gets moved to Smackdown.. Then I can watch RAW is peace without having to change the channel.

    A lot of people bore me on RAW, but nobody actually pisses me off like Sasha does.. I don't follow Smackdown much, her moving there would be amazing.

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  6. Anymore predictions? Draft tomorrow.
  7. I predict they are going to screw something up. :smug:
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  8. :gtfo:
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  9. Bit of a left field prediction but...

    Xavier Woods is drafted to Raw. Separating the New Day up. They have teased that tag teams can be split up. If they want to deliver on that teasing, New Day seems like the perfect tag team to split up. Not gonna lie, I think New Day have been stale since WrestleMania 32. So I think it would be very refreshing if they split. I feel that Woods is the best option to have a singles run on Raw. As it would be a good narrative that he is all on his own. This also leaves the door open for them to reunite later down the line. Seems like an NXT thing to do, rather than a main roster thing tho.
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  10. I honestly think Xavier should be drafted to 205 Live, Kofi to
    the RAW mid-card while Big E stays on SDL to strengthen
    their mid-card.

    Of course if the New Day are still selling merch...they won't
    be breaking up any time soon.

    Plus the New Day are the perfect team to feud with SAni†Y
    when they FINALLY arrive on the main roster.
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  11. I mean I would have Big E and Kofi still team together as the New Day. I think that would tell a good story and progress the teams character. New Day have always been the team with the extra man advantage. Now they will have to adjust and evolve to stay alive in the ever changing environment of the Smackdown tag division. Meanwhile Xavier can do his own thing on Raw. I don't think Xavier makes 205 pounds requirement to be on 205. He could eat less pancakes and bootyos tho.

    This would hopefully refresh The New Day and give them much needed longevity. I think they have become lazy. Before the New Day would think of some new material every month. Seems like Pancakes are the only new thing New Day have done since being on Smackdown. Maybe thats because they started to become more serious going up against the Usos.
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  12. Honestly...If I had my way Charlotte & Becky would stay on SDL,
    SAni†Y would also debut on SDL to feud with the New Day &
    Woken Matt & Brother Bray would also end up on SDL to feud
    with Harper & Rowan.

    But...I'll save my opinions & thoughts till after the shake-up.

    I don't really care which brand the performers are on...I just
    hope the WWE will start telling some compelling stories with

    The WWE is like the greatest collection of action figures ever...
    but how they play with them is pretty lame most of the time.
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  13. Something tells me Paige will sign KO and Sami to Smackdown contracts.
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  14. Oh God...the thought of Paige as a heel GM makes me feel sick...

    SDL will become Cringe City...
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  15. At Least it will write Shane off TV. Who has been absolutely insufferable over the last year.
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  16. Okay Sheik...crunch time...& I'm not trying to start a fight...
    but...why the hatred towards Sasha? Like just explain to
    me why you "dislike" her so much.

    I'm curious...
  17. OK let's see here.. There's many reasons so I'll try to keep it short.

    First one. Her gimmick is incredibly awkward, that boss gimmick doesn't suit her at all, she just looks awkward with her fake jewerly and her ratchet glasses.

    Her mic skills. She may as well go out there with the script in her hand and read directly off that because that's what it sounds like.

    When she had pink hair it almost blinded me.

    When you call Nia Jax a reckless performer, nobody had injured as many women than Sasha in the women's division.

    I like watching media interviews, watching Sasha's is dreadful because she only marks out over the fact she's in WWE. She needs to start acting like she belongs there.

    She can wrestle good matches sometimes, but I still feel her wrestling ability is a little overrated. She's not on the level of Asuka or Charlotte.

    So yeah, hoping she moves to Smackdown, take Bayley's sorry ass with her..
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  18. Sasha is very unlikable. I think that's the point tho. Selfish obnoxious bitch.
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  19. Let Char and Becky go to Raw and Bayley and Sash go to Smackdown.
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  20. idk why i agreed your post. literally wrote the same thing on my thread
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