Survivor Series Preliminary Survivor Series buys

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  1. Ouch! Thanks Big Show.

  2. Great news. Fuck Big Show.
  3. An athlete as Show brought half of the viewers. You all try to deny it, but that's the truth! :jeritroll:
  4. Aw man, are you telling me that a lot of people wouldn't buy a PPV that had almost no build up, and had Randy/Big Show as the main event?
  5. One of the worst buy rates for a Survivor Series event ever. Pitiful.
  6. :lol1:

    There's countless reasons why this happened... for one, I didn't care enough to watch. (Saw the Punk and Wyatts match, but was in the middle of an NXT Marathon because their developmental show > pay-per-views.) But still felt like I saw the whole thing. Saw the 6-on-6 tag AND 2 separate 3-on-3 and 2-on-2 matches on Raw and Smackdown. Saw Big E already win the IC belt from Axel. Saw the same 7-on-7 tag the next night on Raw. Saw Henry beat up Ryback again the next night, saw Punk and Bryan vs ALL THREE WYATTS the next night (plus the 6-on-6 we all wanted), and a tag match with Cena and Show vs Del Rio and Orton happened but didn't give enough fucks to watch.

    All in all, it was a 5/10 Survivor Series I saw on Raw.

    As for the main event, there was a time that Big Show was a pretty hot act as a part of this angle. I could totally believe people paying money to rally behind Show as he gets his revenge on Triple H for all the crap he put him through, even though the "fired Big Show" thing was badly done the part before that was pretty good. Big Show/Triple H was a hot match, but Show going after the belt felt completely disconnected from the storyline and Triple H's heat isn't going onto Randy. We had no incentive to order the PPV for any other match, so don't blame the talent, blame yourselves.
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  7. Not surprised. I had even forgot the PPV was on almost, and the build was horrible. They're probably going to axe it some year and say "oh well, it didn't draw, I wonder why, here's some random PPV".
  8. Damn, those buyrates are so low, I might step on them if I walk by them.
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