Premier League Discussion: David Moyes is just inferior

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. Big game coming up, Liverpool vs. Man City at Anfield in a game that many are coining as whoever wins will win the championship and quite frankly I agree. I'd kill to see my Liverpool win the Championship this year and frankly I don't see anyone but them and Man City in the race for it.

    What does everyone else think?
  2. every team but cardiff will get docked 70 points so cardiff will fluke it
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  3. @Crayo How will Liverpool fuck up their title chances, wanna hear it from the expert analyist
  4. I've already explained how cumbucket
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  5. Watched the game between Liverpool and Man City, Liverpool definitely deserved the victory over 90 minutes.

    Sterling had a fantastic game and I hope him and Daniel Sturridge can continue their form heading in to this summers World Cup in Brazil for England. After watching this game I am now fairly confident that Liverpool will win the league title, words I never thought I would say at the beginning of the season.

    Side note: Majorly impressed with Martin Skrtel also, he has scored 7 goals this season I think which includes two braces. This is ridiculously good goal-scoring for a centre-back.
  6. I honestly can't see them fucking it up. Although I don't think they deserved to win today (a draw was a fair result imo), they showed why they're title contenders. The only place I see Liverpool faltering is against Chelsea and the mastermind himself - Mourinho. If City go on a perfect run and Chelsea take anything away from Anfield, I believe City win the league (I think?). Regardless, I now have Liverpool as my favourites.
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  7. More than just the Premier League :emoji_slight_frown:

    *supports a Championship team*

    Following that win vs City, I call a Liverpool title win. With their fixtures, Norwich are going down and will be joined by Sunderland and Cardiff.

    Hopefully one day Bolton will return to the promise land.
  8. Liverpool is most likely going to win. Look at their fixtures LOOOOL
  9. I see a draw liverpool chelsea in couple weeks so going to be another last day finish maybe? well see. The point about skrtel few of his goals is getting up above the better sides defence at corners to score although thinking two against arsenal not hard this season.
  10. Regardless of how Skrtel has scored his goals, 7 league goals is a fantastic achievement in a single season for any centre-back.
  11. Definetly all i meant it was hes getting into positions and scoring against the bigger teams in the league i.e arsenal man city etc and being a centre back makes it even more of an achievement.
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  12. I hope they do win, I had a lot of heartbreak back when I used to religiously follow football and liverpool in particular. I can' think of a captain more deserving the title than Gerrard(hopefully he is still captain lol)
  13. Yes, he is.
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    Watching Chelsea - Sunderland with the blues losing at 82 mins in XD And some guy just flipped out at the ref, this is classic stuff!
  15. It Liverpools title to lose now

    @Delik we're still gunna see you in the Championship
  16. Yer welcome @Zach just gave you the league
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  17. Sunderland literally doesn't make any sense. Swerve.

    Happy with 3 points for the coys. Europa league within reach if all goes well.

    Pretty nice tribute to Tombides as well by West Ham.
  18. My opinion of Jose Mourinho is changing drastically. It's so unlike him to choke this much.

    Sunderland however continue their retardation. Do well against the big teams but absolutely dreadful against anyone else. I actually want them to survive so there is another rivalry in the league (Sunderland/Newcastle is a big enough rivalry where it's actually interesting) and it's another chance for me to mock Jono when United spank them. However, I'm sure Jonathan will enjoy the home games against Bournemouth and Doncaster next season - BIG GAMES.
  19. We can also set up Jono vs @Robbie Coletrain in a fist fight when Sunderland take on Boro.
  20. You mean a thread where Cole just shows how much better he is at being a person than Jono?
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