Premier League Fixtures 2013/14

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jonathan, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    First games:

    Swansea/Man Utd
    West Brom/Southampton
    West Ham/Cardiff
  2. United have a horrible opening month. Big test for Moyes.
  3. Liverpool hosting Man U, 8/31. Will be a good game, can't wait to watch it. I always enjoy watching Liverpool play the stronger sides, win or lose.

    I can honestly see Liverpool winning 7 or 8 of their first ten fixtures.
  4. Who's up for a fantasy league?
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  5. Count me in, whenever it's created.

  6. Nah mid table for life.
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  7. I won the fantasy league last time, so sure.

  9. I never said I could see them getting a top 5 finish...
  10. I'm a Liverpool fan (no hating plz) and I think we'll finish like last season unless we get a good start. The game against United will be a good test for our squad especially as its the third game of the season. Also United have a got a difficult first few fixtures so that will also be a test for Moyes.
  11. I see Liverpool pushing for 6th or 5th to be honest. I don't think they'll be in the top four. The top three is almost set in stone (United, Chelsea, City) and Tottenham and Arsenal have more fire power than Liverpool, even with the amount of transfers going on. They have purchased two young strikers who are decent, but not exactly stars, and look likely to lose Suarez. The fact they're buying two strikers sort of implies they believe they'll be losing their best player. If they reinvest the money well then they could be decent, but they need a top star like Suarez and not developmental players. Suarez dragged Liverpool to 7th, without someone like him, where do they end up?

    Welcome to the site btw :emoji_slight_smile:.
  12. I really hope Bellamy gets a chance to break that woman beating prick Andy Carroll's leg...
  13. WHAT!??!!

    R Albin Crayo

    Andy Carroll is a god among men.

    (he's a prick but he's fabulous on FIFA)
  14. And....banned.
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  15. I'm up!
  16. He'll beat up Bellamy like he beat up that non-cooking wife.
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  17. Should I build up a fantasy League? Does anyone wanna be the admin?
  18. Thanks and yeah I mean Suarez is a brilliant player in terms of football and now he is saying he wants to leave because the English media keep bothering him. That's his own fault he shouldn't be biting other players or diving so the only person to blame for whats happened is himself. However Daniel Sturridge and Phillipe Couthino have been absolutely brilliant so they could help us.
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  19. Agreed. The media shit is an excuse imo. I think he just wants to leave for CL football and to play for Madrid, and uses media as an excuse. How someone who has bit players and admitted to diving numerous times can blame the media for negative press is beyond me.
  20. True. I remember when Liverpool used to finish in the top 4 every year, we had loads of brilliant players and now they've all gone.
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