Premier league - List your best players in positions.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Right, this is completely opinion based. Who do you think is the best in the PL at their position?

    Formation I'm going with is 4-4-2

    GK - Hart. (Man City) If Da Gea was like he is now all season, it'd be him. Scezny deserves a shout

    RB - Kyle Walker. Man he's quick. (Tottenham)

    CB - Vincent Kompany (Man City)

    CB - Johnny Evans (Man Utd)

    LB - Assoue Akotto (Tottenham)

    RM - Antonio Valencia (Man Utd)

    CM - Paul Scholes (Man Utd)

    CM - Scott Parker (Tottenham, I have so many others who could be here though)

    LM - Gareth Bale (Tottenham)

    ST - Wayne Rooney (Man Utd)

    ST - Van Persie (Arsenal)

    Honourable mentions:

    Demba Ba (Newcastle)
    Papa Cisse (Newcastle)
    Tiote (Newcastle)
    Aguero (Man City)
    Ashley Young (Man Utd)
    Mata (Chelsea)
    Terry (Chelsea)
    Ashley Cole (Chelsea)
    Welback (Man Utd)
  2. Going 4 1 2 2 1

    GK - Hart

    LB - A. Cole

    CB - Kompany

    CB - Collochini

    RB - Kyle Walker

    DM - Scott Parker

    CM (PM) - Cabaye

    CM (B2B) - Ramirez

    LW - Rooney (Cutting in)

    RW - Valencia

    ST - Aguero
  3. I agree with most except Ramires, he's been pretty average this season. Not bad, not good enough for TOTY though in my opinion. Scholes, Silva (poor 2nd half of season though), Cabaye, Parker, Yaya Toure, Alex Song, Arteta, Britton, Carrick (so underrated) have all had better seasons.

    Forgot about Cabaye in mine, he'd probably make it.

    Btw, 4-1-2-2-1 is just called 4-3-3 normally, lol.
  4. GK - Joe Hart/Simon Mignolet (Massively underrated)

    LB - Leighton Baines (Best in the league by a long shot)
    CB - Vincent Kompany
    CB - Rio Ferdinand
    RB - Kyle Walker

    LM - Gareth Bale
    CM - Scott Parker
    CM - Paul Scholes
    RM - Antonio Valencia

    CAM - Stephané Sessegnon

    ST - Robin Van Persie


    GK - David De Gea

    DEF - Jonny Evans
    DEF - Fabrizio Collocini

    MID - James McClean
    MID - Juan Mata

    ATT - Sergio Aguero
    ATT - Wayne Rooney

    My perfect starting XI and Subs. :lol1:
  5. Nice post, I agree with most, but Leighton isn't the best at all. He's awesome, #2 for England but imo Ashley Cole and Evra are miles ahead. Cole is the closest competition to Lahm in the world I think. What an asset he is to Chelsea.

    Ferdinand has been awesome too I agree, he's had his best season for a while. Lucky too with the best CB in the world being injured (Vidic).
  6. IMO, Leightion is the best in the BPL.

    I like Evra however Baines has impressed me a lot recently, Evra would definitely be #2 with Cole #3, Cole is starting to degrade nowadays IMO.

    I completely forgot about Vidic. If he wasn't injured it would be Vidic and Kompany. They would make such a good CB team.
  7. GK: Hart

    LB: Evra
    CB: Kompany
    CB: Skrtel
    RB: Richards

    LM: Bale
    CM: Van Der Vaart
    RM: Valencia

    LW: Aguero
    ST: Van Persie
    RW: Walcott


    GK: De Gea

    DEF: Sagna
    DEF: Alex

    MID: Mata
    MID: A. Young

    Att: Rooney
    ATT: Drogba
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