Premier League - Manchester City vs Manchester United

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Saylor, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Premier League
    Manchester City vs Manchester United
    Monday April 30th
    Kick Off 20:00​


  2. Expect me to rage quit life if we lose this.
  3. Don't forget to hand me all the necessary details such as your password, hosting information and domain information and all will be well if you decide to rage quit.

  4. Nah, I'll just deface the website with a "FUCK YOU MAN SHITTY" homepage.
  5. That's also a great alternative. Infact, why are we presuming that we're going to lose? I mean c'mon, we've got this in the bag.

  6. The winner of this game leads the Premier League, correct?

    United has 83 points, City has 80, and leads in goal difference and goals scored. United has the easier schedule the rest of the way though, so all won't be lost.
  7. Don't want people going around and saying to me Manchester City beat Manchester United :gusta:.
  8. I'll be streaming this game tomorrow from 7:30pm.
    Stream will be posted tomorrow.
  9. Or we could just watch Sky Sports. :boss:

    I'm not predicting a loss, if anything, I predict a draw. If we lose, it's in City's hands, they have a tough trip to Newcastle after us though. If we win we go 6 pts clear and have basically won the league.
  10. I'm hoping Manchester United wins. But knowing United, anything's possible.
  11. Hoping city win just for Crayo's rage.
  12. I'll ban everyone.

    Nah in all seriousness if we lose I'll be gutted but not pissed, they still have a really tough task at Newcastle, anything other than a win there puts us back on top. That's my prediction tbh.

    City win (or draw), then draw at Newcastle, we win our remaining games and win the title by 2 points.

  14. Traitor. Not playing you at Fifa any more.

    Man am I nervous.
  15. Wonder what the odds are Tevez scores.

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  16. I've never liked United. They can suck it
  17. Tevez will score imo.

    And yeah but I don't see how a neutral can prefer City. A team who have been bought success by some random arab investor.
  18. Re: RE: Premier League - Manchester City vs Manchester United

    With the money Man U have spent over the years to get their grip I personally like seeing someone play them at their own game tbh.

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  19. 1.) I've always rooted against United
    2.) United winning pretty much clinches the EPL. I'd rather their be drama for the rest of the season

    also City has more players that I like. outside of Nani I don't care for any of United's players. oh and Chicharito
  20. Not sure if serious. United do the standard one player a season (if that) in the summer to arrive or the odd January Transfer, most English. We're nothing like City. We actually bring in academy players. We buy them young and develop them. Rooney was bought at what, 17 was it? Now worth 80+ million. Ronaldo we bought for 7 million, he's currently the most expensive player in world football. Nani was around 2 million or something I think, now he'd be over 20. Scholes & giggs are academy players, Park was an unknown, Welback is academy, Hernandez was a 7 million random Mexican buy.

    Aguero was 25 mil? Silva was 20 mil. Tevez was 20 mil or something. Their whole team has been bought in the last 2 years. United have never, ever, done that...


    Brb watching match <3
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