Premier League Wingers

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Anyone better than Valencia at the moment? Nani on a good day rivals him, but who else?

    Dunno how many premier league nerds we have here so this thread might end up with zero replies.
  2. Bale could have pushed him early on but he seems to be on a dip currently. He'll push through it because he's an amazing player but he isn't as hot as he was.
  3. Valencia never plays on the left, Bale never on the right, but yeah I see your point. I still think a prime Valencia out-does Bale. The assist count is proof of that. Even prime Nani I think beats Bale, Nani had like 18 assists last season, 7+ ahead of who was behind him in 2nd. Valencia is now topping his up even after a brutal couple injuries. The one thing that puts Valencia above Bale for me is consistency, but I'm a massive fan of Bale too before he started getting all "skillfull" and diving.

    I generally believe Valencia is unmatched in the world on the right hand side (when on form). Sanchez and Di Maria maybe rival him, but I have no idea who else.
  4. Meh I thought we were talking about wingers in general rather each side. Bale does seem to either grab a game by the scruff of the neck, see Inter last year ( I think it was Inter) or he may aswell not play at all. Ronaldo playing up top now a days? Never watched much la liga.
  5. Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is pretty good too imo.
  6. He's still potential at this stage for me, don't get me wrong I agree he is good but not good enough yet.
  7. I agree, was just putting him in as a upcomer but forgot to really mention it.

    Wanna see a vid of one of the better wingers in the Eredivisie?
  8. Yeah Bale's either really good or he's out of the game. Valencia seems to be consistently good. It's unbelievable that a couple of seasons ago Valencia was at Wigan. Yeah it was Inter, it was when Tottenham were 4-0 down and Bale netted a hat-trick at the San Siro, ruining Maicon, arguably the best RB in the world. Ronaldo plays LAM now. So he'll play left wing a lot, but he'll come inside all the time if there's crosses coming in, since Marcelo (the most attacking LB in the world with Evra) pretty much acts like a left winger, like Alvez and Maicon act as right wingers for their clubs.

    Jesus I'm a football fag.

    He's awesome.
  9. Sergio Ramos is the best RB in the world, period.

    here's the vid anyway.
    Show Spoiler
  10. No way is he. He's a CB now anyway. He's a top class defender, but he concedes so many fouls and is such a dirty player (though I like the guy).

    Best RB's:

    Best LB's:
  11. Problem with Alves and Maicon, they aren't good at defending.
    Ramos can do both, but he's is my fav in footballers, maybe a bit of an mark on my side.
    Add Simon Poulsen to best LB's the guy is on fire for 2 years in a row now.
    How'd you like the Beerens vid?
  12. Didn't see it, watching TNA.

    Best defending right back will be Rafael from Man United in a few years, guy is sick.
  13. Did not really see him for the last years, hope for something good.
    If not, I hope it will be Richards, or maybe Gregory van der Wiel if he plays again..
  14. Richards is good, I'm a fan of his, he's such a nice guy too.
  15. Yeah indeed. Lots of potential.
  16. Do you support a team Jose?
  17. Yes, AZ Alkmaar in Holland, I have a season ticket since 2004.
    And outside Holland I support Man City, FC Porto and Glasgow Rangers.

  18. Man United, thought my sig would make it obvious :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.


    Yo yo yo yo yo yo

  20. Lmao :ace:
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