Kayfabe Preparations

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  1. The scene cuts backstage to see Bill Bronson in hs locker room backstage. His beard looks roughly groomed, very welcoming with the clearly bitter look on his face. He's wearing his normal red and white ring attire and has his black jacket on over his torso. A fire can be seen in his eyes as he stares down the camera.

    Cowardice. That is the only reason that I lost my match against Allison. While I went into that match with a mindstate destined on beating him for the one-two-three. All little Ally was concerned with though was running away. He managed to scramble his little ass out of that cage and subsequentially eliminated me from the World Title Tournament. However, that loss does not hamper me as much as I've heard people claiming. This is just a mere...Bump in the road on my path to the top of the wrestling world; but now we have two Pretty Boy Floyds contending for the "top" prize in this company. Further proving my point that this entire industry is falling apart at the seams. A real fighter like me, who wasn't even pinned in his match mind you, is being forced into a match for the consolation prize; the European Title.

    Bronson takes a rather lengthy pause before continuing his point.

    While this match may be for what would be regarded as the secondary championship of this company, I can promise that when I defeat Lil' Willie this Sunday night, I will elevate that championship to a point higher than the world title... And once I begin my reign, the renaissance will be in full effect. I guarantee it.

    Bronson stares at the camera for a moment and snarls menacingly before it fades to black.
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