Prepare yourself for another shit Cena title reign

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Prepare yourself for another shit Cena title reign hes winning that title at Wrestlemania 29 for sure since Dwayne is leaving WWE to go film Hercules overseas in Hungary/Croatia. WWE really is gonna be shit after Wrestlemania 29 with that fucking asshole Cena being champion once again and overcoming the odds. Dwayne should still be WWE champion after Wrestlemania 29 he makes alot better champion than Cena anyday and you all know it. Dwayne came back and raised the ratings and PPV buy rates but come after Wrestlemania 29 ratings and PPV buy rates will plummet cos of Cena. Its time to switch off

    Oh yeah im back bitches miss me???

    Like my new sig???
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  2. I've missed you SOOOOOOO MUCH .....
  3. Hi Dave, nice insider sources again. How's the podcast doing?
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  4. YOU'RE BACK! :yay:
  5. Our top heel is back! Ironically I actually agree for you lol.

    But we know. Rocky's scheduled for ER so he'll probably get his rematch (THRICE IN A LIFETIME :yay: ) and the build to that should be good. But after that the product's always complete ass until MITB comes around, so we're expecting it.
  6. Never and no.
  7. Well I kinda agree with you, I'm very upset about the fact that I'm gonna have to set through another Cena title reign that nobody will benefit from, I really hope it doesn't last long.
  8. Just think...

    Spinner side plates for the belt!
  9. Maybe Dolph Ziggler will cash in on him, who knows? :otunga:
  10. Fruity Pebbles Plates FTW!
  11. A feud with Mark Henry should be different and fresh at least. Maybe Cena can also help elevate a midcard/upper-midcard heel (Sandow, Caesro) by defending the belt in a program against them for a month or something.
  12. You're back?

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