Kayfabe Preparing With Pain

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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
*The Amazing H walks into Art of Sparks as is greeted by his cousin Jay.*
Jay Sparks: You good, man? You’ve got a couple of painful hours ahead of you.
*The Amazing H sighs.*
The Amazing H: Yeah...
*The two men walk into the adjoining room.*
Jay Sparks: What’s the matter with you? What’s going on with your face? You’re frowning. It’s an unusual look for you.
*The Amazing H sits on the tattoo chair.*
The Amazing H: It’s nothing... Just my match with Caleb Hayes. He had me beat. He destroyed me if I’m totally honest, yet he got himself counted out and purposely let me win. I don’t get it.
Jay Sparks: So what’s your problem? You won. Get over it.
The Amazing H: He’s a strange guy...
Jay Sparks: You’re a strange guy. You ready?
*The Amazing H pulls his pants down.*
The Amazing H: Where today?
Jay Sparks: Jesus, dude. Pull your pants up. Arm! The tattoo is going to be on your arm.
The Amazing H: Oh...
*The Amazing H pulls his pants back up.*
Jay Sparks: You know, it’s helpful when you wear shorts. Just having underwear is... Just, not right...
The Amazing H: Eh, what can you do? Speaking of, how’s my goldy-ness coming along?
Jay Sparks: Ah yeah, I’ve got everything for when you’re done here. The tights are ready. Ink also good to go, although I still think that’s stupid...
The Amazing H: Should be fine.
Jay Sparks: Hmm... Well yeah, everything is sorted.
The Amazing H: Good, good... Man, it feels strange being in the first ever World Heavyweight Championship match.
Jay Sparks: Who you fighting again?
The Amazing H: Lukey.
Jay Sparks: Ah yeah... Him...
The Amazing H: I like the guy. I should probably catch up with him before our match.
Jay Sparks: Just watch out. He’s beatable, but you know...
The Amazing H: He’s got a great dropkick!
Jay Sparks: Just... Be careful. This is a good chance to walk away as a champion.
*Jay picks up the tattoo gun.*
Jay Sparks: You ready?
The Amazing H: Ready as I’ll ever be...
Jay Sparks: Ok, here we go...
*Jay switches the gun on and begins to tattoo The Amazing H. The camera fades to black.*

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