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Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by catlady, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. This is pretty much a fake Presidential Election.
    Vote who you think would make a great president for the US.
    It can be anyone and explain why.
  2. Jimi Hendrix. Lets be real, no one would fuck with us if we had him, and he wouldn't want to go to wars and stuff and can talk us all out of fighting, plus if anybody causes trouble he can just play his guitar to stop them since they'll be in fear from his amazing guitar playing.
  3. Ron Paul.

  4. Always been curious, what is the love fest with this guy? Not just you but he seems really popular and I never really got the reason why.
  5. It'd be foolish of me to try and preach to you. I advise simply doing a 10 minute research session on the guy online. You will then most likely be as amazed as I.

    To summarise though: He's not a typical politician. He has publicly said the wars are foolish and a complete waste of American money and that America are in Iraq solely for the oil as no WMD were found at all. He predicted the fall of the economy, and practically predicted 9/11 among many other things. Basically, he's fucking awesome, but Americans keep ignoring him.
  6. Ron Paul reminds me of the Platonic dialogue "The Republic" in an odd sort of way, the man to lead the country is the most enlightened not the most charismatic or manipulative (apologies Wacko I sense I may have butchered the true meaning he had here, just attempted to remember Peter Adamson's podcast whilst finding a simplistic translation of the text.) However the ideal society would rarely work out as planned and his views on foreign policy (would an America not maintaining order work out well in this day and age? If they pulled the majority of their troops and investment from countries with weaker armies they could crumble, with vast implications felt back in 'Merica aswell as the rest of the world) and apparent racist views (although that was from a newsletter around 30 years ago so could have changed) Of course this is just a fool struggling around for information so I am probably incorrect, so shoot me down at will.
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