Lucha Press release on new lucha libre show coming to America

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. So hyped for this. More high quality wrestling on TV is good in my book.
    Some pretty big names connected to this. And this is all happening. HYPE
  2. :mog: :fap: More lucha wrestling!
  3. El Rey sounds like something I'd watch 24/7, tbf.
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  4. Apparently they'll only use about 5-10 guys from AAA Mexico and instead create characters and gimmicks to create their own roster. Smart move so they don't get too reliant on the mothership.
  5. This a streaming thing like the WWE network?
  6. No. A new wrestling show on a new TV channel
  7. Ah cool its a channel. Wasn't sure if it was TV or a stream sorta deal. Cheers Stop.
  8. For what its worth Konnan claims to have run a try out in Cali last September, with the two best getting roster spots. One of the winners was apparently Willie Mack.
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  9. Awesome news for Willie Mack. One of the best indy guys not to work for either DGUSA or ROH.
  10. damn i can't wait *marks out*
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