Press Release with Dixie Carter about the "real" future of Impact

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, May 30, 2012.

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  1. This is certainly interesting, we'll see how it works.
    Love the quote about the wrestling format being stale and trying to have a fresh approach on things. TNA is trying something new, lets hope it works.

    Although I'm afraid they won't have enough time for stuff like this. They really need a second weekly show.
  2. Ugh, this just screams more kayfabe breaking segments weekly. I'm not on board with that. I was a hater of the kayfabe breaking month of WWE we had after Punk's shoot. Without that "wrestling reality" it can become really hard to create really interesting story-lines.
  3. Hopefully this means more things styled like the opening segment last week.


    "Going live allows IMPACT WRESTLING a deeper connection with our audience via social media."

    this blows though. Get ready for some Michael Cole circa 2011 Twitter mentions. fml
    ^Great little blog post about this.

    However, Dolph's, lets see how they do it first. If they use it the way they did with "Send in your fan Questions for Austin Aries or Bully Ray", that's great! If it's "Lets get #TnaSacrifice to trend on Twitter" or "Who's team are you on? Team Roode or Team Storm" then they can drop that shit faster than they dropped Gunner's push. But adding more fan interaction to the show will also take up more time on the show, and they need all the time they can get.
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  5. Cool to see they're trying new things. The change is always welcomed. It's time to make this shit cool again. :boss:
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