Press release: WWE Confirms NXT Move

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 11, 2012.

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  1. This reminds me of NXT's debut when all the stars were there, including Vince. I hope it succeeds this time.
  2. Wait, what? So NXT will be at this university full-time. That's fine, but I really, really hope they don't change anything about the show itself.

    Triple H on NXT makes me want to cry. If they want to change their best show into Smackdown 2, they've definitely lost my viewership.
  3. Good. That will hopefully mean the Smackdown crowd is slightly less dead as they only have to sit through 2 tapings.
  4. Ponderings. Does this mean that NXT will now be live or still taped?
  5. I like this change, but I hope they keep NXT the way it is know. I don't think HHH's appearance is a problem by itself, I think it's just to get some viewers, some special attention for the first episode in the new venue.
  6. No idea, probably taped though.
  7. NXT is the best show that WWE currently has to offer. I've watched like 3 NXT episodes and I'm loving it already, it's so entertaining.
  8. NXT je po meni nigde veze
  9. So NXT will be on thursday this week? Or will they record it with SD one more time, tape it in the new arena on thursday and show it next week?
  10. Newly leaked info reports that we will get a new announce team for this new form of NXT. The team consisting of Regal and JR. We are getting JR for the best show people!
  11. Source? JR doing NXT seems like a massive troll.

    JR and Regal would be pretty good though.
  12. Source

    I guess the speculations on JR being part of the announcing team is because of his heavy involvement with FCW at the moment and FCW stars being integrated to NXT.
  13. JR and Regal? :yay:
  14. JR on NXT?


    Unbelievable. Awesome. Amazing. Fantastic. The problem is, they had WWE's best commentary team already.
  15. I just saw the spoilers for this out of curiosity, and it definitely looks like it's just a way to televise FCW. Jim Ross is on commentary for Episode One, then Byron Saxton takes over. Regal will still be there, but he will no longer be "match coordinator" and there's a new permanent GM.

    Triple H and the title matches were not televised. Typical guys who we see every week are still in the main event, but that's all they're getting. The rest is for FCW guys.
  16. Can you post the spoilers?
  17. Here you go, Crayola: They weren't very descriptive between episodes, so they may have run together and matches may be listed under the wrong week.

    Week 1:
    Show Spoiler

    Jim Ross and William Regal were introduced as the commentary team. Dusty Rhodes was introduced as the new general manager of NXT.

    1. Bo Dallas beat Rick Victor.

    2. Connor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron beat C.J. Parker and Mike Dalton.

    Damien Sandow refused to wrestle his match with Jason Jordan.

    3. Tyson Kidd beat Michael McGillicutty.

    Week 2:
    Show Spoiler

    Byron Saxton replaced Regal on commentary.

    1. Seth Rolins beat Jiro.

    2. Jinder Mahal beat Jason Jordan by submission.

    3. Leo Kruger beat Aiden English.

    4. Richie Steamboat beat Rick Victor.

    5. Antonio Cesaro beat Dante Dash.

    6. Derrick Bateman beat Johnny Curtis.

    Week 3:
    Show Spoiler

    1. R-Truth beat Epico.

    2. Sofia Cortez beat Paige.

    3. Seth Rollins beat Camacho.

    4. Jake Carter and Corey Graves beat C.J. Parker and Nick Rogers.

    5. Kassius Ohno beat Mike Dalton.

    Week 4:
    Show Spoiler

    1. Richie Steamboat beat Leo Kruger.

    2. Jinder Mahal beat Derrick Bateman via submisson.

    3. Ascension beat The Uso Brothers.

    4. Bray Waytt beat Aiden English.

    5. Hunico, Camacho, and Michael McGillicutty beat Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins, and Bo Dallas in a six-man tag.

    Hey, Vince: $500 if you fire the guy who's coming up with these retarded ass names. I'm not joking.
  18. I can look past the names, that looks awesome. Nice range of awesome talent in there. It's also a good sign that Ambrose isn't on there too. Can't wait to see Hero, Rollins and the new Byatt or w.e the fuck Husky's called now. Always nice to see Regal, JR and Bateman too.
  19. + I think the overload of FCW talent is just in the start. JR said that they won't remove any quality of NXT and it won't replace FCW. FCW will still be taped and focused on the FCW titles.
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