Press Release: WWE Invites Glenn Beck to RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Feb 22, 2013.

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  2. So, this basically confirms no Swagger burial.
  3. In short: Come to our yard and say that Beck.
  4. Haha this is actually awesome. Looks like WWE has grown a small pair of balls and are trying to flaunt that. This reeks of badass Vince instead of pussy Vince.

    Let's hope he comes.
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  5. Have Swagger put Glenn in the Patriot Act.
  6. Love it WWE. Glenn Beck is one of the biggest twats to ever step on this planet. Get owned, asshole.
  7. Could you imagine the heat?! :lol1:
  8. Knowing WWE fans they'll cheer and agree with him. Idiots.
  9. Lmao so true, god if it were a smarky crowd :fap:
  10. Listening to this, I'm sorry but f*ck you Beck. 'Stupid wrestling people', who, exactly? Vince McMahon? Paul Heyman? The Rock? Chris Jericho? Anybody else who's smarter and more successful than you'll ever be?


    Okay, so now he's resorted to mocking Swagger's lisp, fucking pathetic. It's fake you retards. Irritating nuct.


    This is utterly ridiculous, they're taking this on as if it's seriously Swagger and Coulter's beliefs. They are actors, they are reading from a god damn script. Do they sit and moan about bad people from movies as well? Because that is essentially what they're doing.


    This is fucking hilarious, the written interview is at the bottom of the link, my favourite bit.

    "“I’m sick and tired of being miscast. I am sick and tired of it. It is lazy at best. And I certainly am not going to give any more time or my money to any organization that is miscasting, is making it harder for me and my family to stand up for what I believe in. You’re mocking me for standing up for the Constitution of the United States of America? You’re mocking me for standing up for law and order? Equal justice under the law? Equal justice. I’ve been that my whole life. You’re mocking me for standing up for the same principles and values that Martin Luther King stood up for? I don’t think so. In my own camp? No, I don’t think so. Get the hell out.”
  11. inb4 Glen mentions the DUI and makes WWE look like shit
  12. Lol gotta love how people go "lol rasslin is fake how can u liek dat fu" and then go "oh what did he say on that wrestling show? I hate him for real now, screw him", this is pretty stupid.

  13. shit just got real
  14. Awesome video.
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