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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Dat Kid, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Just throwing in something random, but what if the forums had a prestige mode like in Call of Duty. Once you obtain every award (except every group award) you have the option of prestiging and getting some sort of special hard to get thing. Maybe a seperate award for this or some sort of color or badge. It would reset all awards (excluding legend and group awards). The user would then have to earn their way back up and possibly having the option to do it again.

    I find it that this might be an initiative to stay active once you've done almost everything. Works for Cod, should work here too.
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  3. If all your awards was reset wouldn't this result in mass spamming for the people who wanted to get the spammer award again?
  4. I don't mind the idea of levels, but I'm not sure if wiping the awards etc is the best way to do it. But having a plugin which displays what level you are and factors like post count, reputation, how many threads you made etc come into play.
  5. That sounds more along the lines of the user titles when you include post count, unless you want to make one just for rep :hmm:
  6. How ironic coming from the man who posts 300+ everyday

    Damn you Lacky! :aries:
  7. Oh & prestige would be an optional feature so if you don't want to have to earn your awards again you don't have to take it. It's just something for the forumers who want to go beyond *dramatic pause* ...the Call of Duty
  8. I really like it but it's something I'm not sure a wrestling forum needs.
  9. This ain't no game From.
  10. Sorry but I've only posted around 100 times. :cry: I don't want to post any more.
  11. crayo, take all my awards away. put me in prestige mode. :tough:
  12. but you know what is...yoooo momma
    black crowd: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :dawg: :obama: :otunga: :tyson: :emoji_slight_smile:) :damn: :laugh:
    Wil Valderrama: Oh snap! Will be back with more "Yo Momma" after this break. Ohh weeee
  13. why would you want all your awards taken away?
  14. It's COD logic and it seems to work there.
  15. yh but thats a game this is a website
  16. and is getting these awards nothing but an objective which is the basis for all games. Ah doesn't matter to me anymore
  18. :haha: the irony
  19. I'm on your top 5 aren't I? :haha:
  20. Hey you're breaking the fourth wall
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