Pretty interesting documentary on the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Was told by a friend it was an interesting watch so I gave this a shot, it highlights the various aspects of rivalry and violence between the sets of fans, plus how deep the hatred can be. (As with most docs I wouldn't take everything as gospel as I'm sure on the credibility of it. If you wish to then feel free). I enjoyed the varying views on the subjects, wasn't greatly interested with the interviews about the football firms but since that's a minor part it didn't overly effect my enjoyment. A few questions to make this a discussion also, will the bill spoken about in the video stop the religious chants? Also how greatly would have Rangers going to the wall have affected local businesses in Glasgow? It's mentioned by one pub owner that they would have closed shortly after due to lack of business.





  2. I'll give this a watch tomorrow, shattered tonight.

    The Sectarian chants will never stop as long as the police/stewards are a bunch of pussies. You can have all these laws/regulations but if the stewards never implement them then it's all pointless really? They need to just be ruthless and chuck out the first person to start a chant, then folk will eventually stop. Otherwise, the SFA/SPL/Whoever need to grow a set of baws and just penalise them 5/10 points until they stop. However as they refuse to do either of these things then the chants will never stop.

    The OF rivalry really doesn't interest me at all. I just hate them both too much. They're the reason we don't get 5 o'clock evening games on a Sunday and get pishy 12 o'clock ones instead, because of their hooliganism at the games. They get a hell of a lot of media coverage and the rest of us hardly get any, and it gives people who don't regularly watch Scottish football the impression that nothing exists beyond them.

    The authorities have always done anything they possibly good and this is epitomized in the prize money they dish out every season. It goes:

    1 17.0%
    2 15.0%
    3 9.5%
    4 8.5%
    5 8.0%
    6 7.5%
    7 7.0%
    8 6.5%
    9 6.0%
    10 5.5%
    11 5.0%
    12 4.5%

    The percentage gap between 2nd and 3rd is ridiculous and things like this show the blatant favouritism shown towards the Old Firm by the Scottish authorities.

    Anyway, back on topic, Celtic and Rangers have always taken rivalry way too far. Hibs and Hearts keep it relatively friendly and although I get extremely passionate over beating them and was literally reduced to tears on May 19th, the majority of us don't are a lot more reasonable and don't avoid speaking to people because they support either side. Rangers and Celtic are just silly though. Some of them genuinely hate each other because of who they support. Also the religion is just ludicrous. It's a game of bloody football for crying out loud, silly barbaric beliefs have absolutely sweet FA to do with it.

    A slightly ill-informed rant at times, but my tuppence-worth.
  3. God the SPL is badly set up in prize money, agreed they're favoring the old firm.

    When you see the documentary you'll see that they did take action, banning a Rangers fan for using a song which mocked the Pope. However it is still obviously an issue other wise the points in the documentary wouldn't have been raised. Still I agree they should be more strict on certain chants, however most fans seem to regard it as banter, rather the politicians are raising the issues. Trying to limit the voice of fans, IMO they should just let it go, providing it doesn't cause offense to the majority which from my limited view it doesn't.

    I agree they seem to take it too seriously also, however it seems to be common place in football sadly, my sister used to know the daughter of one of the old OCS boys, chap called Dougie Naylor who was a pretty well known hooligan amongst some Wednesday fans and he told similar stories to what these people did when ever we say them, which was incredibly rare as he only went to the odd game now. So I'm not sure if it's Rangers and Celtic taking it too seriously or the larger fan bases highlighting the minority more, no disrespect intended to Hibs or Hearts but if these two pull in 40,000 each a 10% minority would be more prominent then 10% of 10,000 ( note these numbers are just examples so please refrain from taking them literally) Also it could be both Hibs and Hearts have fans who are more well behaved then others which can also happen.

    I agree the religious over turns are out of place, however many people from the video seem to indicate it's a commonly accepted part of Glasgow culture, becoming section nature to some so I guess that's a warped way of trying to justify it.

    Thanks for the reply btw, you're the most in touch with Scottish football so I hoped you'd respond lol.
  4. Don't worry I never ignored this!!

    To be totally honest, I don't actually know a lot about the chants themselves apart from the fact they're to do with Catholics and protestants. I also know that they have nothing to do with either of the teams and that irritates me.

    A lot of the songs probably don't cause offence as most of what they're singing about is hundreds of years ago. However pro-IRA stuff from Celtic may offend a lot of people as folk may have had relatives/friends/associates that died as a result of an IRA attack. That has to go and that always leaves me thinking: Where do you draw the line? The authorities can't ban someone for singing'ooh ahh up the ra' then not give the same punishment to someone singing the 'up to our knees in Fenian blood' for example. It's a really tricky one and for me the only way to get rid of these is to abolish all chants by being ruthless.

    Yeah I agree that the quantity of fans could make a difference. For every 10 fans of your average SPL club singing an inappropriate song you'd have 40 OF fans. However it's the majority of them and - Hearts + some lower division clubs excluded (Cowdenbeath who were being mean to poor Paddy Fenlon :-( ) - they're the only ones who sing these songs. In the Hibs games I have been to the only teams who have ever sang anything sectarian are Celtic, Rangers and Hearts. And I'm not talking about a minority, there has been games where they have filled out our 4k away stand and the MAJORITY of them have been singing them and with the Old Firm it's almost every game.

    I'm going to watch the video when I get home from tea as I've promised to watch about 211803181 tag team matches, but I'm very interested in it and what they have to say. Also no worries, I love being able to chat about Scottish football!
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