Prime Time Players.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    I really want to see more of these guys, I think they have abit of charisma on the Mic and the matches I've seen them in, they look quite interesting. I think Titus also fits the look that Vince likes.

    So if Dolph and Big E don't manage to beat Team Hell No at WM, would you want these guys to take the Tag Team Championship titles?
  2. Moved to Smackdown since they are on the Smackdown roster.

    And yes I want more of PTP. More of Titus to be exact.
  3. Oh fair enough and Titus is gold on the Mic and with D-Young they seem to make a good pair.
  4. They should have already been Champs and probably would have if it wasn't for Hell No gaining so much steam. But yeah, I like them, especially Titus.
  5. I'm starting to think that Young is holding Titus back. Wouldn't mind Titus breaking off on his own.
  6. Maybe, but I like them together. They seem to have a Big brother, Little brother relationship in the tag team.

    I don't know who else in the current roster Titus could work with and get as good chemistry with though :/.
  7. I don't think Titus would get far if he went solo, tbh. At least being in a tag tam he can taste some gold and be on a decent amount of shows.
  8. Pancake Patterson of course.
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  9. Best In The World, Pancake Patterson. Has a nice ring to it.
  10. I feel like Titus would be lost in the shuffle at first on his own, and he's already pretty old (not that that has stopped them before, hi ADR) but IDK, wouldn't hurt if they went for it. Well, wouldn't hurt Titus, but would hurt D. Young (released after a while probably) and the tag division, because I love PTP and wish they were champs.
  11. I could see them being champs. I think Titus has more potential than Darren Young. But they make a good pair.
  12. I agree, hope the WWE pushes them soon though!

  13. Oh these guys xD
  14. Don't think anyone buys them as credible anymore, which really sucks. Voted "yes" because they're just so damned entertaining. Remember when they debuted we were almost all excited after seeing their gimmick, then WWE and their all-knowing wisdom took over and made us not care. Yay.
  15. It's a a shame really, they have the Charisma and Titus definitely has the look Vince goes for. Hopefully they get a push soon. :dawg:
  16. Vince is said to be 'high' on Titus O'Neal.
  17. Oh god I hope so, he's actually gold on the Mic. Lets hope they don't push Pancake Patterson! :dawg:
  18. Voted "Hell no" because I prefer watching Team Rhodes Scholars as champions than PTP
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