Show PrimeTime Episode 4: In Order To Contend


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From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Episode 4
"In Order To Contend"

“Made an America” blares through the speakers of the arena as an updated intro plays to the official theme for LDW PrimeTime. Mixed in is extra footage from recent matches, with highlighting the signature moves of more wrestlers that have been hit to recent additions Robby J and Jay Washington appearing. The video ends with footage of Darius holding up the title before the quick shot of Eden and Slate together as we turn to the arena. The Pittsburgh crowd are excited as the fallout from Declaration has come through their city, and with Blackout on the horizon, we will begin building towards it officially tonight. The commentary team of Rodney Perkins and Doctor Smooth, Wally Shine are ready once again as the voice of LDW kicks us off.

Perkins: We are back once again for Liberty or Death Wrestling’s PrimeTime, I’m Rodney Perkins along with my friend, Doctor Smooth Wally Shine and you are joining us in the Steel City, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, as we are still feeling the effects of Declaration.

Shine: After weeks of back and forth physical and verbal altercations, we finally crowned the first LDW World Champion and he is Darius Wright after a hard-hitting main event against Brian Toogood. We can expect our world champion to be here tonight, but he isn’t scheduled to compete, likely still resting after that match.

Perkins: And yet, Brian Toogood, the loser of that match, isn’t resting as he will be fighting Reagan Cole in our main event for the second episode in a row, trying to get rid of the loss that he likely felt robbed him of momentum going into Declaration.

Shine: I don’t know how Brian is willing to compete after that match right away. Most people who would do this would be called courageous, but I think it just comes down to Brian being scared of getting knocked out of the conversation.

Perkins: And Reagan Cole, after defeating Nova Taylor in a great but... Controversial match, to say the least, will be looking to go Two and zero against Brian Toogood. As for Nova, after a very rough week for her with the match and the footage we saw earlier this week of what Eden booked for her “Hotel room,” she has a chance to make it right for her against Patriot.

Shine: Patriot did the unthinkable and make Luke Saint tap out to the Patriot lock and finally got even against the Patron Saint of Crime. With Saint seemingly going into the shadows at least this week to decide what is next, the personification of LDW has a chance to continue his momentum with a classic against the Rainbow Princess.

Perkins: And of course, we have an unlikely pair of teammates as Al Blizzard and Jay Washington, who already booked themselves for a clash at Blackout, are forced to team against another team which will go together as well as ketchup and toothpaste, Daemon Raze and Corey Keenan.

Shine: I think that, in booking the match, proves how much Eden and Slate are lovers of schadenfreude….

Perkins: As if Eden’s treatment of Nova hasn’t shown it already. Well, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

A Message from our World Champion
Darius Wright

And as announced earlier, it is time for the champ to memorialize his big victory from this past Declaration. It was a hard-fought battle but in the end, there could only be one to stand tall as champion. A few seconds of silence and no one out at the ring until this familiar intro of Jeezy’s Scared Of The Dark is blared throughout the arena...with no “power failure” effect. A loud eruption of cheers, standing ovation and applause is shown for the champion is coming out to the ring.

Perkins: And no better way to start this show off than our world champion, The Dark Traveler, Darius Wright.

Shine: I think that war he had with Brian Toogood has really pushed himself to be respected by the fans, especially considering before it was always a mixed reaction of his fans and detractors, but there’s now respect.

Perkins: And this address will set the standard for Darius’ reign as champion.

Soon, The Dark Traveler comes out to the stage but this time wearing a well designed, custom-fitted black suit with a black dress shirt (top buttons unbuttoned) and a pair of black Italian dress shoes. He also has a multitude of medical tape and bandages over his hands, neck, head and face. But through the crowd reaction and the results of his war, he is smiling. Darius has his head held high, a direct acknowledge to many of the happy fans in attendance and sense of pride as he smiles widely. However...there’s something missing… Where is that brand new shiny title? Where is the LDW World Championship?

Perkins: Wait, where is the title belt?

Shine: Don’t tell me someone stole it… Or it was left in a Steakhouse...

Just as Darius is about to step down the ramp, he does a perplexed expression and plays with the crowd who wants to see the title around this man. He carefully backs up to the stage curtain, reaches behind it and pulls out a velvet sack with what seems to the title. DW carries the sack over his shoulders and makes his stroll down the ramp, still smiling. He carefully makes his way up the ring steps and slips in between the ropes, clutching this bag to his chest as he enters the squared circle. Darius looks out at his adoring fan base and gives them all a good nod before grabbing a mic from a production member outside the ring. He starts in as right as he gets back in the center…

Wright: Well, let’s not take all night to get this going. Bare with me for a see, I had this idea a while back that I would finally...FINALLY, get into this business and not only turns heads and make waves. But also, turn minds and shift the playing field...if only a little bit. I took beatings...

Darius takes a moment to laugh with the people as he refers to his early start in this career and even his tough upbringing. He continues…

Wright: Yeah, yeah…

He pauses to point at his face which is sporting several bandages and gets close up to the main camera to say…

Wright: If you think this is should see the other guy. Anyways, I worked my ass to the bone and there were setbacks along my path. Things that...I couldn't just get around but had to endure them head-on...even if took me down a peg. I had a lot of good advice, met some great people and got opportunities to showcase my years of skills to the masses. And all of that...lead me to this. This right here, is where Darius Wright belongs. Darius Wright did what he said he would...and more importantly, what he needed to. I say this with more confidence than I have ever had before…

He undoes the drawstrings on this black velvet bag and pulls the new LDW World title out.

Wright: see because this right here...this is what dreams are made of. You work and you work to gain the recognition that you so rightfully deserve and not all times your job, your career gives you such the reward. BUT THIS…

DW raises the title high above his head to give everyone a clear view of it as well as any pictures of him proudly holding it.

Wright: ...this is what I've wanted from the moment, I saw where the top was 2 years ago. And I just want to tell each and every one of you that I could have never earned this without…

Darius smiles bigger than he had all night and takes his time to complete the statement…

Wright: I couldn't have done this without...MEEEEEEE!!!

The World Champion laughs as the crowd stand in shock and confusion.

Wright: THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT! YOU SORRY ASS SACKS OF SH!TS REALLY BELIEVED YOU HELPED ME?!? ME??? The man who got turned away and beat match after match at the other company? The man who came here at LDW since day one and has carved out his own niche? Really?! I never needed you bastards, you ugly troll-faced imbeciles!

The boos immediately amplify around the arena as Darius Wright looks around at every angle laughing at the disapproval of these people.

Wright: Huh? Oh, you're mad? You're mad? Who gives a damn? You know I didn't fully comprehend what Brian used to talk about all those times...UNNNNNNNTIIILLL this last event. I was...I was...I was get annihilated at points in our match and during the exchange of carnage. It hit was this utterly obnoxious STENCH!!! WHO...IN THE HELL...DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE, HUH?!? HEY, HEY FATTY OVER THERE IN THE GREEN TEE, HERE'S SOME FREE ADVICE...STOP! EATING! HEY KID OVER THERE WEARING MY MERCHANDISE T-SHIRT...YOU HAVEN'T EARNED THE RIGHT TO WEAR THAT SHIRT!!! YOU HAVEN'T DONE SH!T TO EVEN LOOK AT THAT T-SHIRT!!! I HAVE NO FEAR, YOU!!!! YOU PROBABLY STILL PISS YOUR BED!!! WHEN YOU'RE NOT PISSING YOUR DAMN PANTS!!! AND YOU IN THE...

In a freakishly turn of events, Darius has either snapped or terrible at trolling, either way, this can't be good for what he has just accomplished in his fresh career. He's so riled up that the veins in his throat as he makes it his business to berate individuals within the crowd. The audience gets louder with their unpleasant responses during this unexpected segment. We can only hope that this switch in personality is temporary or else, we may truly have a whole new issue here at Liberty or Death Wrestling. He continues some more…


The Dark One takes a few seconds to calm down and finish his well-thought-out speech for the fans and company. He clears his throat in an attempt to get the attention back on what he has to say…

Wright: So...this brings me to this conclusion which is that NONE OF YOU has earned the right to view this beautiful title. Your dirty, impure eyes are not worthy of viewing such magnificent glory like this here. Truth be told, you all are unworthy to view me but I'll be gracious enough to ALLOW YOU to see me when I deem necessary. But as far as this lovely title of mine, this will be your last time viewing its golden splendour. There are some things that are about to change from now on, one is draping this championship in a proper garb to keep your beady, unsavory eyes off of it and the rest of the heathens that work in this company. It will only be shown for the title matches and briefly for any non-title matches.

Darius pulls out a pair of tinted specs that he slides onto his face and smoothly does a 180-degree turn to exit the ring. But then he turns back around and utters some last remarks…

Wright: Oh, I almost forgot, by the way...there is no longer any existence of "The Dark Traveler" or DW or D-Dub, you can either simply refer to me as Darius...or Mr Wright… It's a new time in wrestling history and it's only going to get darker. The Year of The Dark…

And Mr Wright turns back around and exit the ring, leaving many confused and astonished as to this new side of the former Dark Traveler. He walks up the ramp with the championship title covered within his suit jacket, smiling and waving at the same people he just insulted.

Perkins: What in the… What in the world happened to Dariu- I mean Mr Wright?!

Shine: I know championship allure can change people, but I think the champion has become mad with power!

Perkins: And we won’t be visually seeing that title until he defends it at Blackout, which we’ll be expected to hear news of later tonight.

Tag Team Match
Jay Washington & Al Blizzard vs Daemon Raze & Corey Keenan

After the shocking statement from our new World Champion, we are set to kick off tonight’s first match with two unlikely teams against one another. The guitar strum of “Nothing Remains” blares through the speakers of the arena. The lights dim for several seconds as the song plays out, then the lights turn on to reveal Jay Washington on the ramp. A grin on his face, Jay Washington looks at the Pittsburgh crowd before heading down the ramp.

Garcia: This opening match is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at 231 pounds, “The One,” Jay Washington!

Perkins: We’ve already alluded to the fact that Jay Washington is teaming with his future opponent at Blackout tonight, but something we have to remember is that this is Jay Washington’s in-ring debut for LDW. As someone who has done commentary on the west coast, what should we expect from Jay?

Shine: I classify this kid as an all-arounder. He has decent size, technically sound, can hit hard, and take an occasional risk. Above else, there is some heart.

High-fiving some of the fans on his way to the ring, Jay Washington, unlike his partner and soon to be opponent, is trying to leave a positive impression on the fans. Washington goes up the steps, walking across the apron the stepping in the ring between the middle and top rope. Running to the ropes, Jay Washington raises his fingers up before doing the same to the other side of the ring. His theme music cuts away as he hops in the ring, waiting for his partner for the night.

With a purely negative reaction, Remedy by Seether calls for the arrival of Al Blizzard, the Punisher. The lights dim for a few moments until Al Blizzard storms out, jacket and shades on, scowling at the Pittsburgh fans. Walking down the ramp, he takes off his shades and gives a dirty look at his partner.

Garcia: And his tag team partner, from London, England, weighing in at 254 pounds, the Punisher of Professional Wrestling, Al Blizzard!

Perkins: You can almost cut the tension in this team with a butter knife. Jay Washington did not make himself a friend when he called him out on this change of attitude just at Declaration.

Shine: Jay said he was rooting for the dude to break out, but to do it the right way. But considering how long it has been for Blizzard, he is starving at a chance to become a star by any means.

Perkins: It will be a battle of philosophy with two rising stars at Blackout, for now, we will find out if they can work together.

Walking around the ring, Al Blizzard stares a hole into Jay Washington before getting on the apron. Al Blizzard walks into the ring and walks directly in the face of Jay Washington who gives a smirk, raising his hands “Relax, we’re teammates, buddy.” he says. Al Blizzard takes off his entrance attire as his theme music fades away.

Before we get to see their opponents make their way out, we cut to the back and see, at Guerilla position, Corey Keenan with a track jacket on and in-ring gear, hopping in place while holding his ribs, still aching after the brutality Blizzard gave him at Declaration. Walking behind him, Daemon Raze gives him a pat on the back.

Raze: Tough luck for ya against the Blizz-Kid, eh?

Corey Keenan looks over his shoulder, not exactly happy about teaming with the arrogant Canadian.

Keenan: You think? What do you want?

Raze: I was trying to talk about a game-plan with you, because… I’ll be honest.

Raze scratches his head.

Raze: Your record isn’t exactly that good.

Keenan: Neither is your’s…

Holding up his hands, Daemon Raze gets a little defensive.

Raze: That’s just my LDW record. I’m a former Venom Pro-

Keenan cuts him off.

Keenan: World Champion, we get it.

Raze: I mean, I’m a veteran compared to you, kid. I just want to give some advice.

Rolling his eyes, Corey asks.

Keenan: And what advice are you going to give?

Putting his arm around Corey Keenan, Daemon Raze says.

Raze: We need strength in numbers. We’re already a tag team.

Looking a little shocked, Corey Keenan shouts.

Keenan: Tag team!? It’s one match!

Raze: And I was thinking, as your tag team partner, you have my support as I help you get revenge against that Brit who probably will be having major Visa issues once Brexit hits, and I can maybe get that no good second-gen reject a beating too?

Sighing, Corey Keenan says reluctantly.

Keenan: Fine… “partner.”

Raze: Great! Because I picked out a theme for us!

Keenan: What!?

Raze: Let’s go!

As the curious song choice made by Daemon Raze plays, the Canadian and Corey Keenan make their way out, the plucky underdog shaking his head at his “partner,” who kisses his hands and spreads them out wide. Daemon Raze starts to head down the ramp, but looks to see Corey Keenan still on the ramp, he shouts for him to get to the ring and Keenan reluctantly follows.

Garcia: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 383 pounds, the team of Daemon Raze and Corey Keenan!

Perkins: ...What’s this?

Shine: I guess Daemon Raze has picked some theme music to be “encouraging” to himself and Keenan.

Perkins: Yeah, with their perfectly winless records so far, I think the intention missed the mark by a mile.

With Corey Keean taking some time to slap hands with the fans, Daemon Raze hops onto the apron and Corey Keenan soon follows him and the two enter the ring. Raze goes to the top turnbuckle and does his signature pose to jeers from the crowd as Corey Keenan, simply raises one finger and gets a cheer from the crowd. Envious, Raze raises his hands again, to more boos. Playing along with it, Corey Keenan mimics Raze’s pose and gets another positive response before the theme music fades away. After much debate from both sides, the match starts with Jay Washington and Daemon Raze.


The bell rings and Daemon Raze yells at Keenan “I’ll show you how it’s done!” then runs into a clothesline from Jay Washington. An angry Daemon Raze gets up and yells at Jay Washington who slaps him for fun. Then the pace quickens with a quick shoulder block by the second generation wrestler, then a small sequence with a drop down from Raze and a Leapfrog, before “Canada’s Greatest Athlete,” does a quick dropkick to the leg and runs back at Jay Washington… Who sends Raze Into the Clouds with a sit-out Spinebuster! Raze barely kicks out at two and the bad luck streak for the Canadian is continuing.

Perhaps wishing to be a bit more respectful to his future opponent, Jay Washington drags Raze to the corner and asks for a tag from Al Blizzard. Responding, the Punisher slaps Washington across the face, with the official counting it as a tag. The two partners start to go at it as Daemon Raze cowers away and tags in Keenan. “Get your revenge, kid!” He shouts at Corey Keenan who runs… and is met with a Spear from Al Blizzard! The Mauling!

Keeping an eye on his partner, Al Blizzard hoists Keenan in a cradle position and spins him out, hitting his Polar Vortex backbreaker! He pins Corey with a foot and the Concord, New Hampshire native barely gets his shoulder up at two. Blizzard still focused on Jay Washington, gives him a finger before putting Corey Keenan on his shoulders in a sight very familiar for him. Al Cutter coming up!

Taking too long to hit the move, Corey Keenan manages to slide out and push Al Blizzard into Jay’s corner. A blind tag follows and Corey Keenan rolls Blizzard’s shoulders on the mat in a victory roll. Once he realizes there isn’t a pin being counters, Al Blizzard pushes him off and into a Lumbar Check from Jay Washington! Knee Deluxe!

Al Blizzard quickly rolls out and onto the apron as Jay Washington, looking at Corey Keenan on the ground, shrugs. In his team’s corner, he lines up Keenan. Super kick coming. He raises his finger and runs forward as Al Blizzard grazes his hand with a tag and Washington hits the Gobbstopper!

Jay Washington quickly puts Keenan in a double underhook and nails a sit-out Tiger Bomb, The Washington Bomb! Not realizing the tag happened, Washington doesn’t notice Al Blizzard rolling in the ring and grabbing him from behind, pushing him right into Daemon Raze!

Al Blizzard, taking the spotlight for himself, quickly takes the pin and it is an academic one, two, three, and Jay Washington and Al Blizzard has won the most dysfunctional one-sided tag team match in history!

Al Blizzard and Jay Washington

Perkins: Well, Blizzard and Washington were far from harmonious, but they got the job done.

Shine: And meanwhile… Daemon Raze needs to do better at rallying a team with him.

Getting up after picking up a pin, Al Blizzard smirks and gets his hand raised, glaring at Jay Washington who is getting up after being chucked at Daemon Raze. Shaking his head, Jay Washington shrugs and approaches Al Blizzard and, in a small attempt to get him to see the light, extends his hand for a handshake. Taking a long look at Jay Washington, Al Blizzard spits in the face of the second generation wrestler!

Perkins: The ultimate disrespect.

Shine: I guess there is no way he’s bringing him back now…

Wiping the spit off his face, a fire is lit in the eyes of Washington as Al Blizzard attempts a punch, and Jay blocks it! Quickly kicking Blizzard in the gut, he tries to hook both arms for a Washington Bomb, but Al quickly pushes his future opponent away and rolls out of the ring, getting a bit more than he bargained for.

Perkins: And Jay Washington stands his ground against Al Blizzard!

Shine: And unlike tonight, there’s nowhere to run when Blackout comes.

“A Deal in the Garden”
Backstage Segment

After the tag team matches’ conclusion, we see LDW co-owners, Eden and Slate Bass in their usual classy office. A television is set up in the corner where they get a view of what is going on in the ring as Slate Bass keeps his eyes glued to it while sitting on the couch, drinking some Dom Perignon Champagne, as Eden lets their daughter, Keres, on the desk. For a rare moment, we see a genuine smile from Eden, until the buzzer goes off on the intercom and Keres, surprised by it, begins to sob. Eden consoles her daughter and answers, rather annoyed.

Eden: What is it?! You startled Keres!

Secretary: Mrs Bassignani, your next appointment arrived early. Mr Cole.

Loathing the mention of him, Eden says firmly.

Eden: Tell him to wait until after the main event tonight.

Secretary: Eden, he is already on his way to your-

With the door practically slamming open, Reagan Cole barges in, wearing his maroon jacket jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt, looking directly at his bosses.

Secretary: Office…

Slate Bass immediately rises. Eden holds her hand up and motions for her husband to hold back as she gets up, holding Keres.

Eden: Reagan…

She taps her foot.

Eden: What a surprise… You come barging in my office before you’re due for your meeting and cause my daughter to cry.

Reagan: Yeah, well I don’t know what you have planned for the main event so I wanted to come in before then. Clear my head before I have my match tonight, you know? This is a little pressing.

He raises an eyebrow.

Reagan: If you catch what I’m talking about.

Being a tad coy, Eden responds.

Eden: Of course, it must be your recent string of success.

Shaking his head, Reagan Cole shouts.

Reagan: Stop with this game! We both know what I’m talking about!

The loudness in Reagan’s voice causes Keres to start crying again and Eden, rocking her back and forth, glares at Cole.

Eden: Watch your tone… If you startle my child again…

Slate Bass cracks his knuckles.

Slate: Then it would be the last time.

Lowering his voice to a proper indoor voice, Reagan Cole gets straight to the point.

Reagan: Y’know what? That’s fine, I get it. I’m a father myself so I’ll try to. But here’s the thing, I know you two were the ones who played that audio in mine and Nova’s match at Declaration. You soiled that match just to mess with us. Everyone knows you’re not exactly the most trustworthy but you two are breaking any chance at redeeming yourselves already. Nobody joined this company in order to play your games. We just want to wrestle and provide for ourselves and our families, not get screwed over.

The co-owners look at each other and exchange a small smirk.

Slate: You fail to fully understand the situation.

Following her husband, Eden continues.

Eden: It was not a random act, Reagan. It was a test. A way to study our roster of wrestlers. We got the results we wanted. As far as it affecting your match, we felt it was a non-factor.

Slate: You failed to capitalize on it.

Reagan: Are you kidd-

Realizing his voice is getting louder and if he makes that baby cry one more time, he’d probably get his ass kicked, he stops himself and explains.

Reagan: I wouldn’t do that, especially not to a friend. I don’t need that to win matches. But what it did do was mess with her head. You knew that. I’m getting an idea of what you’re doing and I’m not having it.

Seeing her employee stand his ground against her, Eden has a devilish smirk on her face and Slate Bass steps forward.

Eden: Well then, if you believe what we’re doing is bad…

Slate: What are you going to do about it?

The bosses stand close to Reagan Cole who is unflinching and before tempers can flare up between them, the buzzer goes off again.

Secretary: Mr and Mrs Bassignani…

Not even letting the secretary finish, we hear a familiar, and a very angry voice shouting down the hall.

Nova: Slate! Eden!

Storming into the office of her bosses, Nova Taylor, already in her in-ring gear for her match coming up, walks in and gets right in Eden’s face, gritting her teeth as she talks.

Nova: So, pick my room, eh? Make me comfortable?! Bull!

Holding back his friend, Reagan Cole steps in and tries to get a grasp of why she is angry.

Reagan: Okay, breathe! Calm ...What happened?

Eden: Just a misunderstanding…

Nova glares at Eden and explains.

Nova: This woman decided to book my hotel room for me, knowing I was feeling pretty shitty after having my best relationship in years end, and she decided it would be funny to book me in a honeymoon suite!

Reagan: Oh-

Nova: AND! She decided to plaster it with photos of Connor and even a giant ass portrait of themselves!

Before Reagan even has a chance to butt in, Nova adds.

Nova: Oh, and because I smashed that frame and the wallpaper ripped, I had to pay for damages.

Eden: Half, might I add.

She corrects Nova.

Eden: They happened to send us half the bill.

Reagan: Still, why did you do that?!

And devolving into a yelling match, both Reagan Cole and Nova Taylor are yelling at Eden and it has become practically inaudible. Seeing his wife backed up to the desk, Slate Bass steps in and silences them both.

Slate: Enough!

Both Nova and Reagan Cole back up and Slate Bass, standing between them both and his wife, puts his hands behind his back, speaking very firmly.

Slate: It is clear that you two have got the wrong impression of our behavior. It is understood, given our history. But we, as your employers, must ensure everything is fair.

Stepping to the side, Eden, acting more proper talks to Cole and Taylor.

Eden: And on that note, both of you will get something to “make it up” to you. Reagan,

She turns to the British Apprentice.

Eden: Slate and I have both noticed your recent streak of wins and it is impressive. Therefore, if you win your main event match tonight against Brian Toogood, then we shall declare you number one contender for the LDW World Champion. If not, then we shall come up with a qualifier for the next episode.

Surprised by fact Slate Bass and Eden are considering him for a title match, Reagan Cole looks at Nova who shrugs as they look back at their bosses.

Eden: As for Nova, I’m not too sure… Actually, I think we can talk about it right now. You have a few minutes before your match.

She looks towards her husband.

Eden: Dear, would you mind escorting Reagan Cole outside? I would like to talk to Miss Taylor privately.

Slate nods and Reagan Cole, feeling suspicious, whispers something to Nova before leaving. Eden gestures for Nova to take a seat on the couch and Nova reluctantly sits down as the Seamstress of Reality goes behind her desk as she rocks Keres back and forth.

Eden: I’m so sorry we have to be at odds.

Folding her arms, Nova snaps back.

Nova: Then stop messing with me!

Smirking at Nova, Eden says calmly.

Eden: You still don’t understand, but that is okay. I know what your fate is. You don’t know it yet, but the picture will become clear in due time.

Rolling her eyes, Nova Taylor is tired of her boss.

Nova: That riddle stuff doesn’t work with me. So what is it? What are you going to do to “make things up to me.”

Touching her finger against her chin, Eden thinks out loud.

Eden: Well, your record isn’t exactly enough for a chance at a title… You don’t seem to care about money, giving you were so reckless in breaking a hotel room… Well, what do you think?

Being silent, Nova taps her foot and glares at Eden.

Eden: I mean, what do you want? I’ll be willing to give you one thing you desire, anything.

Nova: Anything? Then how about releasing me so I can actually, you know, be happy?

The Rainbow Princess tries to test her luck, but Eden gives a small chuckle.

Eden: Except that…

A lightbulb goes off in Nova’s head and the Canadian stands up.

Nova: Anything you say?

Eden nods.

Nova: In that case…

She leans on the desk.

Nova: How about a match… Next week. I think I have some beef to squash with someone.

Eden: Perfect, and who will you be facing?

Giving a small smirk, Nova says while looking at her boss.

Nova: You…

Getting up from her seat, Eden looks the Rainbow Princess in the eyes, saying calmly.

Eden: You’re on…

And she extends her hand that isn’t holding Keres, and Nova, though reluctantly, shakes it as the camera cuts away.

Shine: So she has Patriot this week and next week, she faces the boss, Eden!

Perkins: And speaking of, after this next break, she’ll be going one on one with Patriot!

With Jay Washington’s theme music playing again as he shouts at Al Blizzard on the ramp, we cut to commercial.

A voice of a lady with a French accent speaks with a child-like and twisted tone, giggling.

"You will all will all will all BELIEVE."

-Coming Soon-

Singles Match
Nova Taylor vs Patriot

With the drums and guitar of the song by Paramore, the fans cheer as the lights turn to rainbow colours as Nova Taylor, after a heated encounter with her bosses, makes her way out to cheers. Still trying to keep positive, she does her usual curtsy and twirl and tries to keep a small grin on her face.

Garcia: This following match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring first, from Vancouver, British Columbia, she is the Rainbow Princess, Nova Taylor!

Perkins: The head of Nova Taylor is practically spinning after these past several weeks of being at odds with LDW’s owners. But, with the challenge made for next week, maybe her head can be at rest as she faces against Patriot?

Shine: Patriot and she are both natural underdogs and skilled in the ring, but are on the opposite ends of momentum right now.

High-fiving some of the fans on her way around the ring, Nova hands her ball cap off to a girl with glasses before sliding onto the apron and crosses her legs. Nova Taylor swings her legs into the ring and heads up to a turnbuckle where she does her peace sign pose. The Rainbow Princess jumps down and heads across the ring to lean on the ropes before her theme music fades away and she takes off her jacket.

The heavy riffs of “Keep your American Dream” blares through the speakers as another positive reaction is heard from the crowd. Patriot runs out and raises his fist, playing to the crowd. He looks at the Pittsburgh fans and nods before throwing his fist and heading down the ramp.

Garcia: And her opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 199 pounds, the Embodiment of LDW, Patriot!

Perkins: A match-up between Vancouver and Boston, haven’t seen that since 2011, but I am sure hockey fans remember that well enough. Patriot, after ridding himself of Luke Saint, sees himself on an up-swing against a Supernova that may be burning out mentally.

Shine: He has a competitive spirit, and I think that may bring something out of Nova if Eden hasn’t already emotionally drained her.

Much like Nova, he slaps hands with the fans and heads up the steps, hyping up the crowd before getting into the ring. He jumps to the turnbuckles to give a small salute to the fans before jumping down, his theme music cutting away and he paces across the ring from Nova Taylor who is slowing her breath before getting up.


Very fitting of the fact that there are a cruiserweight and a featherweight in the ring, the match starts off somewhat quick, with both wrestlers using their speed. A brief-handshake is followed by a lock-up is broken up into an arm-drag from Patriot and Nova Taylor responds with a head-scissors that Patriot flips onto his feet with. He hits the Rainbow Princess with a forearm and she is just a second behind Patriot and gets hit with a second. Patriot slides behind and goes for a German but Nova Taylor manages to get to her feet, stumbling a bit, before running forward with a dropkick…

That is caught by Patriot and he quickly grabs a leg and turns Nova over, doing a Toe Hold to aim for the Patriot Lock… and he hesitates. Not grabbing the head of Nova Taylor, Patriot starts to back off before the Rainbow Princess rolls to her feet and shouts. “What was that!? You had me!”

The uber-American says plainly “Something’s off about you…” perhaps noticing her being behind a step in the opening sequence. Getting rather annoyed, Nova mouths “Really,” before pushing Patriot in the chest. “Don’t take pity on me!” The Supernova responds. Feeling sympathetic to Nova, Patriot shouts back “I want you at your best!”

Taking that as a challenge, Nova Taylor quickly follows with a hard kick to the chest of Patriot, landing with a thud. The Rainbow Princess tells the red white and blue grappler to “bring it” with a gesture and that has seemingly got Nova’s head back in the game.

Advertising the attempts at a lock-up from Patriot, Nova does her usual tactic of evading and coming in quick. She kicks the legs of Patriot multiple times before Irish whipping the Boston-native into the ropes and following with a vertical dropkick, landing the mark this time, and quickly follows up with a running leg drop and a pin which only gets a one.

Backing up to avoid entering the ground game against a superior mat-wrestler, Nova Taylor keeps circling Patriot and kicks him as he is trying to get up. Her fourth kick, however, is caught and turned into a dragon screw leg whip! Patriot keeps a hold of the leg and attempts the Patriot lock again, but Nova kicks him away, before kicking up into a hurricanrana!

Sensing the match going her way, Nova runs to springboard off the middle rope. Thinking Space Unicorn cutter, she flies through the air as Patriot side-steps and Taylor hits the mat and rolls back up to her feet. Showing off his athleticism, Patriot springboards off the middle rope and nails a crossbody, pinning Nova Taylor for a two count, as he puts Nova in a sleeper hold on the ground. Eventually, Nova Taylor wills her way to her feet only for Patriot to turn it into a german suplex, this time landing its mark! Keeping a waist-lock, Patriot transitions to the front and nails a bridging Northern-Lights Suplex! Nova gets her shoulder up at one and a half, but Patriot keeps a hold of her and flips over into a picture-perfect Fisherman’s Suplex, getting a two count.

Putting Nova in a Pumphandle, a Boston Smash is coming up. He lifts Nova Taylor up onto his shoulder, only for the Rainbow Princess to turn it into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb!



And a kickout!

Aiming for a family trick, Nova Taylor grabs Patriot in a front facelock and runs up the ropes, but, being a fan of the person who made it popular, Patriot is able to block it and sends Nova Taylor crashing into the turnbuckles with an Exploder Suplex! With Nova Taylor rolling towards the middle of the ring, Patriot is quick to follow up with a Homecoming Diving Elbow Drop! Pinning Nova, he has nearly crushed the smaller Taylor.





Nodding a little, Patriot is impressed by Nova who is bringing her best now, and he once again goes for the leg and the Liberty lock. The Rainbow Princess rolls him into a small package which gets another two, and Patriot rolls towards the corner. Responding to a charging Nova, Patriot drops his shoulder and sends Nova over the top rope as she lands effortlessly onto the apron. She runs about halfway across and catches Patriot with a rope-assisted enzuigiri, and follows with a con hilo onto Patriot! With Patriot still on the ground, she handsprings into her standing Moonsault and she hits “Around the World!”





Finally getting into the right frame of mind for a match, Nova Taylor is ready to get a much-needed win. She measures Patriot as he gets up, wanting to go Over the Rainbow, but he grabs her mid-swing and drops her with jaw-first on his shoulder with a stunner! Going even bigger, he springboards off the ropes for, you guessed it, the Springboard Stuna’! On impact, Nova Taylor rolls out of the ring, completely dazed.

Taking a moment to breathe before heading on the outside to get Nova Taylor back in the ring, Patriot pulls the lighter Nova to her feet and onto the apron. This is a rare time where he is the largest person in the match. Getting back into the ring, he tries to pull Nova Taylor’s foot to get her in the center of the ring, but the Rainbow Princess grabs the bottom rope. Patriot yanks it a few more times before Nova finally let's go and catches him with a roundhouse! She follows it up with a Super-Duper Kick! Then, she does a springboard of her own and nails the Space Unicorn!

Both of them are down and the fans, dazzled by their athleticism begins to cheer before a familiar song breaks up the action.

With her eyes widened upon hearing the song, Nova Taylor springs up and looks around, fearing anything to come. However, this time it is far more mundane, with the co-owner of Liberty or Death Wrestling, Eden, coming out on the stage with her baby in her arms. There is a smirk on Eden’s face as she remains on the stage, watching, but Nova Taylor isn’t having it.

Getting on the middle rope, Nova Taylor begs for her opponent next week to come down and confront her. “Leave the baby in the back and come here! Let’s cut the mind-games!” Eden toys with the Rainbow Princess, getting closer to the ring as her theme music fades away. Nova steps down from the ropes and is ready for anything.

Patriot, starting to recover, sees Nova Taylor distracted by Eden on the ramp. Much like Reagan Cole, he doesn’t seem to be fond of the owner of LDW getting involved in his match. He gets up and approaches Nova who hasn’t noticed him yet.

“Shouldn’t you be ready for what’s behind you?” Eden says with a wink before turning around. As Patriot puts his hand on Nova’s shoulder, the Rainbow Princess, with her imagination running wild from the threat, turns around and goes for a kick, that ends up being low!

Immediately realizing the mistake she made, Nova covers her mouth in shock and looks at the official who shakes his head and reluctantly calls for the bell.

Patriot (DQ)

Perkins: Oh come on, Eden! You had to get involved again!

Shine: And it is another win for Patriot, but I don’t think he wanted it that way, especially after his last match on PrimeTime ended with Saint’s goons getting involved!

Perkins: We were witnessing a great athletic display between two rising stars in LDW, but that ended in a way nobody wanted.

Covering his groin, that shot left a sting as Patriot sits in the corner, more than confused over what happened. However, he isn’t exactly mad at Nova. An apologetic Nova Taylor goes to the corner and yells “Sorry! I thought it was Slate, okay!?” and runs her hands through her hair. Another low point on a rough week. Getting himself up by ropes, Patriot, chuckles to himself, “Well, I guess I need to change plans on having kids,” before he tries to reassure Nova. “It’s fine. You did great until then…” and, much like Reagan Cole at Declaration, extends his hand for a handshake.

Unlike Philadelphia, Nova isn’t as receptive to one. She looks down and shakes her head. “I don’t deserve that…” before rolling out of the ring and the crowd groan in disappointment.

Watching this display from the stage, Eden smiles, saying “Perfect…” to herself before walking to the back. Nova balls her hand into a fist and her hand shakes a bit, anger building up in her as we cut to a brief break.

"Salt in the Wound"
Backstage Segment

Cutting to a shimmering Patriot walking backstage with a very slight limp after Nova nearly "ended his bloodline" by accident earlier tonight. He gives a small nod to a couple of backstage attendants before turning down the hall as he is met with a familiar, and obnoxious, laugh.

???: Hahaha!

Walking up to Patriot with his normal over the top gear on is Brian Toogood. Still feeling the bumps and bruises from his street fight at Declaration, his ribs are taped up and he holds them as he continues to laugh at the Patriotic wrestler.

BTG: I guess you need ice for that one, huh? Hahaha, oww... Haha!

While not exactly amused to see Brian Toogood, he is quick for a response.

Patriot: More than I needed after I faced you. Nova actually knows how to hit.

The cocky upstart rolls his eyes.

BTG: But, unlike her, I actually pinned your shoulders to the mat, and it was after I had a…

He says disingenuously.

BTG: A Hard-fought, five-star match where I crushed that freak Taboo. I think I hit him so hard he learned how to talk. Oh, and just ask Chris Young how hard I hit… Oh, wait. Haha!

Patriot laughs under his breath before looking at Brian in his eyes.

Patriot: You're right. You did pin me. Once.

Brian interrupts.

BTG: More than you beat me-

Patriot: But I'm willing to bet after your match at Declaration, you couldn't do it again.

Putting his hand on his chin, Brian Toogood entertains the idea before shaking his head.

BTG: Look, you should never bet against Big Money. But, I have better things to focus on right now. You see, I was a little too… daring to enter a street fight with that barbarian… Oh, and might I say to any fans watching because I notice that camera there...

He pauses before shouting as loud as he can.


Breaking the fourth wall, Brian Toogood laughs before grabbing his ribs again, obviously aching.

BTG: And... Oww, I need to get back in the hunt for my title. So I got the British guy tonight where I’ll erase that loss before. 100% or not, I’m still Just… Too…

Patriot pokes him in the ribs with a finger, causing him to flinch.

Patriot: There's your off button! Look, you put on a show with your match with Regan tonight. And after you get done, just know that I'm next for you. Okay, buddy?

Patriot smiles and pats Brian's cheek once with Brian pushing his hand away.

BTG: I’ll look forward to having a pit-stop to crushing you again before I claim my title…

Winking at Brian before he walks away, Patriot says rather sarcastically.

Patriot: Good luck with that, buddy...

And heading down the hall to his locker room before Brian Toogood goes the opposite way to get to his main event match, one which will likely go a long way to determining a title contender with either result.

"Liberty or Death Wrestling's next stop on PPV will be the bright lights of Brooklyn, New York."

And the commercial shows images of the bright lights of New York city.

"Except this time, expect a..."


The lights go out and then there is a montage of wrestlers from LDW with the appropriate ones showing up when the narrator talks.

"Witness Darius Wright defending the LDW World Championship for the first time."

"As well, a battle of upstarts as 'The One," Jay Washington faces off against 'The Punisher' Al Blizzard.'

"And expected to be in action..."

"The British Apprentice, Reagan Cole."

"The Embodiment of LDW, Patriot!"

"The Rainbow Princess, Nova Taylor,"

"Big Money, Brian Toogood"

"And more of your favourite LDW Wrestlers..."

"It'll be Lights Out... as LDW presents Blackout from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York!"

Main Event
Singles Match
Brian Toogood vs Reagan Cole

With another set of boos, we have “Live Fast, Die Young” calling for another main event for LDW with Brian Toogood in. With Brian Toogood walking backwards in his sparkly attire, which is a cyan and gold colour tonight. He turns around with his arms out wide, ribs still taped up after his brutal main event match at Declaration, but still not losing any confidence. Taunting the Pittsburgh crowd, Brian Toogood slowly walks down the ramp as Clarissa Garcia does his introductions and for him to do his pointing routine on announcing his name.

Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your PrimeTime main event and it is scheduled for one fall! And, if Reagan Cole wins, then he will earn a championship match at Blackout against Darius Wright! Making his way to the ring first, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 243 pounds… B… T… G… Brian Toogood!

Perkins: You know exactly what it is, main event time for LDW and Brian Toogood, still not losing confidence, wishes to dash the championship dreams of Reagan Cole, erase a loss he had, and get back in the title hunt.

Shine: I have to ask if Brian Toogood was smart in going back to an important match so soon after such a hard match. His ribs are still taped up and are a big target for Reagan Cole. In a way, it’s respectable to power through this. He’s talented though, I hate his attitude and he needs to chill out, but he’s a breakout star so far in LDW and yes, Too Good as he says.

Perkins: I have to both agree and disagree. Brian Toogood has broken out as a potential star, but while some power through injuries as a matter of pride or heart, his is all ego.

Holding his stomach, it is obvious that the dominator onto the chairs left it bruised and Toogood will need to show it is more than a name in order to win. Brian walks around the ring and gets onto the apron, tipping his fedora before entering the ring and goes to the top rope. “You’re looking at the next champ!” He shouts while holding the abdomen. “10%, 100%, I’m always Too Good.” before jumping down and tossing his entrance attire away as his theme music cuts away.

Creating the absolute opposite reaction in every way possible is the song “Wire Walker,” by All Good Things and we have the British Apprentice, looking to become the next challenger for the title, making his way out with his signature Maroon jacket and wearing the Star Wars t-shirt from earlier. He looks around with a small smirk, nodding at the fans to soak in the reaction.

Garcia: And his opponent, from Essex, England, weighing in at 215 pounds, the British Apprentice, Reagan Cole!

Perkins: Reagan Cole can remove any doubt to his wins with a victory over Brian Toogood tonight, and with a title match as a reward for victory, he has to remain focused.

Shine: And the guy’s head has been so focused on his conflict with Eden and trying to protect Nova Taylor, that this is one time the father has to think of himself. He can have a chance at unseating the only man to have beaten him in LDW and become champion.

Perkins: But as a veteran, I think he realizes that.

High fiving some of the fans down the ramp and around the ring, Reagan Cole takes his time, aggravating Brian Toogood. Getting onto the apron, Reagan Cole steps into the ring and goes to the top rope, soaking in the crowd’s reaction one more time. The British Apprentice carefully steps down and removes his jacket and t-shirt as “Wire Walker” cuts away. The main event is here.


As the bell rings, a lock-up begins the match and Brian Toogood, perhaps a little more hungry, uses his size advantage to push Reagan Cole in the corner. Brian Toogood chops the chest to a loud “Woo!” from the crowd, and he stomps away at Reagan Cole. As Toogood gets out of the corner, Reagan Cole does a toe kick to the injured ribs! The veteran does a waist-lock and drops him down to the mat and quickly transitions to a Straight Jacket Camel Clutch. There is a clap from the fans who appreciate the technical wrestling, but Brian manages to get out and to his feet, before another quick sequence which leads to him being locked in an abdominal stretch. His ribs are an easy target, and Reagan Cole is using his submissions background to exploit it. Eventually, Brian breaks out with a hip toss and Reagan Cole rolls to the ropes, which leads to Brian getting hip tossed over the rope to the outside!

Following Brian Toogood, Reagan Cole quickly drops him onto the top of the steel barricade with a back suplex! Coughing as his ribs and back are being abused, he remains on a knee as Reagan Cole high fives some of the Pittsburgh fans. The British Apprentice pushes Brian Toogood back in the ring under the bottom rope and follows, but the Buffalo Native quickly rolls back out of the ring. Showing he is wise beyond his years in the ring, Brian Toogood quickly pulls Reagan Cole by his feet and traps him in the ring skirting! The man with too many nicknames to count throws several rights and knee shots to the head as the referee goes out of the ring to pull Brian Toogood away as Reagan Cole is completely unprotected.

When the count restarts, Brian quickly rolls in and out to reset it as he presses Reagan Cole against the barricade multiple times and rips off the covering over it, showing the bars under it. With less protection for Reagan Cole, Brian Toogood pushes him into it and traps his arm in between the bars, using it as leverage to pull on the wrist and elbow! Brian Toogood yaps with the fan until he lets go of the arm and gets Reagan Cole back in the ring. He hits a double-knee armbreaker before covering him, getting just a one count as Reagan Cole gets his shoulder up.

Keeping Reagan Cole grounded, Brian Toogood turns him over and locks in a Rings of Saturn that focuses entirely on the arm, pulling the arm of Reagan Cole back. With extra torque, he turns it into a pinning predicament by putting his shoulders on the mat, but Reagan Cole gets his shoulder up, forcing Brian’s shoulders on the mat to make the young upstart let go of the hold.

After several other moves that target the arm, Brian Toogood forces Reagan Cole into the corner and tries for a running clothesline, Reagan Cole lifts his feet up, kicking him in the gut, before throwing him full force into the corner chest first! Getting a measure of revenge for Toogood using the ring against him, Reagan Cole pulls his feet around the ring post and locks in a Figure Four! The British Apprentice lets go at four, obeying the rules, but now he has two places he can target in the legs and the ribs.

Both men on the outside again, Reagan Cole takes his time with the count, bouncing Brian off the barricade and slapping the hands of fans. Reagan Cole goes back into the ring to reset the count and when he returns, Brian Toogood pulls him into a European uppercut! He quickly pushes Reagan Cole back into the ring and as Toogood steps through the rope, Cole capitalizes with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the rope! Cole pulls him into the ring and tries to lock in the Cole Lock on the leg, but Brian Toogood pulls him by the hair then gets up, going behind and slamming him with a sit-out Full Nelson Facebuster, Downside Guarantee! He pins Cole.



And a kickout from Reagan Cole, keeping his hopes of a title match alive.

Knowing he has an advantage for now, Brian Toogood quickly stretches out his leg and massages his ribs, trying to remove any pain he has in both. Toogood does a Saito Suplex on Reagan Cole, picking him off the ground and throwing him, before hitting a hard shoulder-breaker and getting another two count.

Hooking the targeted arm of Reagan Cole behind his back, a Buffalo Wild Wing Kimura is about to be locked in. Having the move scouted, Reagan Cole elbows the ribs with his free arm to break the hold and trips him up, locking in his Disasterpiece Regal Stretch! Adding in several headbutts, Reagan Cole has the legs hooked and is stretching out Brian Toogood’s entire body! The rich kid yells in pain as the fans cheer, hoping he taps out, but his ego comes with hardheadedness, and he gets to the ropes, forcing a break.

Aiming to finish off Brian Toogood like he did last time, he gets behind Brian Toogood and runs, Kotaro Krusher coming. Knowing Reagan Cole, Brian Toogood spins around and hits a rolling elbow before dropping Reagan Cole with the Upside Flatliner and pins!





Frustration mounting, Brian Toogood pounds the mat and quickly pulls Cole up in a Suplex position. Good Night’s Sleep Brainbuster onto the knee is in mind for Brian Toogood. He picks up Reagan Cole and the British Apprentice slides out, hitting an inverted Suplex, dropping him onto his stomach!

Reagan Cole pins Brian Toogood.



And a kick out from Brian.

With Toogood rolling to the ropes, he gets the official’s attention by holding his ribs, crying in pain. Reagan Cole steps forward as the official gets between them. Seeing a smirk on Brian Toogood’s face, Reagan Cole shouts that he is faking and steps forward into a jumping Superkick from Brian Toogood, Best Kick Around!

Knowing most his tactics have not gotten him the win, a desperate Brian Toogood gets to the top rope. Something that isn’t his wheelhouse. A groggy Reagan Cole gets to a knee and Brian Toogood mouths “Come on, motherfucker…” before jumping through the air and his 243-pound frame…

Crashes into the canvas as Reagan Cole caught him mid-air for a modified spinebuster!

And he hooks the leg for the Cole Lock! The Heel Hook is locked in! Brian Toogood yelps in pain as his knee is being twisted! Not wanting to tap out, he tries to drag himself to the ropes. The fans are frothing at the mouth to see BTG tap out and for Reagan Cole to get a chance at the world title and to shut up Darius after the stunt he pulled earlier tonight. Brian Toogood is within fingertips of the ropes and reaches forward-

For Reagan Cole to pull him back towards the middle of the ring and he locks it in again! Seeing there is no way out, Brian Toogood swallows up his massive massive massive massive massive ego…

And he taps out!

Reagan Cole

Perkins: Reagan Cole did it! Reagan Cole was able to focus and take advantage and there is no doubt, Reagan Cole has earned the right to face Darius Wright at Blackout!

Shine: It is his first title match in LDW and he gets to the main event in the heart of Brooklyn at the Barclays Center! He has had such a good streak and he is a different man compared to Foundation!

Lying on the mat for a moment, things have settled in for Reagan Cole, he’s got a chance at the World Championship. Excited, he springs up and gets his arm raised, letting out a big “Woo!” as he gets to the top turnbuckles, giving a grin as the Pittsburgh crowd cheer him. As for Brian Toogood, he rolls on the outside, holding his leg, absolutely furious. Reagan Cole, after celebrating in the ring, rolls to the outside and high-fives some of the fans on his way up the ramp and onto the stage.

Perkins: Reagan Cole vs Darius Wright at Blackout. The match is set. Will we find the power trip of Darius Wright grow and cost him his newly won title, or will Reagan Cole be unable to focus and be forced to Pay the Cost?

Shine: We have several more weeks to go, we just have to wait and tune in next episode of PrimeTime to see how things unfold.

As we see Reagan Cole celebrating on the stage, we get a shot backstage of Darius Wright, without his title, watching a television monitor and seeing his new challenger. There is a small smirk on his face as the show fades away.


A couple of days late, but we did it

Thanks to everyone for the help on segments/setting up stuff. This wasn't a massive show, but it has set up some important things.

Enjoy and expect the card for PrimeTime 5 to be posted later today which I am sure will be a larger show.

Also yes, I am using titles for the PrimeTime shows and segments.

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