Primo an Epico plus PTP

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. Where the hell are these guys? I thought with The Shield getting the tag titles they'd have matches with someone other than The Uso's. I like The Uso's don't get me wrong but surely to help out The Shield as tag team champs they should be utilising these guys. I mean Epico and Primo are actually a decent in ring team I just don't get it. PTP whilst not as hot in ring well they have good charisma an put on entertaining matches. So what the hell? The tag titles mean nothing on The Shield.

    EDIT PTP just appeared on RAW with Titus vs Christian. Again what the hell?
  2. They're jobbers at this point, not much to do. Maybe they're testing out PTP as single guys for a future break up.
  3. WWE need to bring in some teams from other promotions but i doubt wwe really care about addressing the problem.All they care about is Cena and the wwe title.
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