News Prince Devitt to go to WWE Developmental

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, May 16, 2014.

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  1. Can't wait to see him dancing with Hornswoggle
  2. ^lemon
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  3. Hope they team him with Sheamus as a jobber Irish tag-team too.
  4. Sheamus and Devitt as a Diesel/HBK style pairing would actually be money
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  5. lol no
  6. I'm not entirely happy about it, can't help but think wwe will drop the ball somehow.
  7. Looking forward to seeing him in a NXT/WWE ring. It was expected he would not go to the main roster right away, nothing wrong with that anyway. No pressure on him and he can get used to the wwe style which he should pick up in no time. Loads of potential great matchups with Bryan,cesaro, Zayn etc.
  8. Bo Dallas your sig and Rusev your profile picture, pls stop m8
  9. Can someone link me a good match from Devitt? I've heard nothing but love for the guy but I haven't had the chance to watch a match from him iirc since I normally don't watch much Puro.
  10. WOAT post there
  11. Most likely August hmm, I think he'll find his place here, IMO good move for WWE.
  12. It'll give people time to get use to him as well as see if w/e they give him will go over in NXT. Better to flop in NXT and try again than flop in WWE and then do nothing.
  13. its gonna suck hardcore when they make him a shitty jobber... i was hoping he would go to TNA atleast
  14. You were hoping for career suicide?

    People thinking that WWE will make him into a jobber need to relax.

    WWE have been courting Devitt for about 2 years to make him sign. You do not put that much effort into signing someone only to make the man into a joke.

    Have faith.
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