Prince Nana believes in Future of Honor

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  1. PrinceNana
    Prince Nana is a descendant of royalty in Ashanti, Ghana! He could have anything in the world he so desired! He has money, he has women, he has possessions, but what does he truly want? “I want the future of Ring of Honor to be as bright as the diamonds of my crown!!” These words are spoken with such conviction, you can’t help but be captivated as you listen to Nana speak about the “Future of Honor”!

    The question has been asked, what is Prince Nana’s role with Ring of Honor? Is he a manager? A commentator? He is actually and official ROH talent scout! He can be seen at various professional and amateur sporting events trying to find the next diamond in the rough!! In fact he is bringing 2 new talents he scouted and brought to the ROH Dojo and recent Future of Honor camp to Wheeling, West Virginia this coming Saturday. When asked what he could tell us about these talents, he stated “I can’t tell you anything my friend, RD Evans and Moose are the only ones who need to be concerned about this!!”

    ”My track record in scouting talent is second to none and Moose knows exactly what I’m talking about!” said Nana without prompting.

    While he may be a talent scout currently, there does appear to be an ulterior motive when it comes specifically to RD Evans and Moose. To understand this, you must know the history between RD Evans and Prince Nana. Nana has lead various incarnations of The Embassy, a group that has featured numerous talents and accomplished many things at over time in Ring of Honor! The most recent version was formed in January of 2011 and it featured RD Evans, Mia Yim and then ROH Dojo training camp standout, Tomasso Ciampa. As Nana became more and more infatuated with the lovely Mia Yim, he lost focus and did not see RD Evans positioning himself as the new leader of The Embassy. Before Nana could realize what was happening, The Embassy had exploded and the result left him on the outside looking in!

    RD Evans has since reinvented himself and returned to Ring of Honor as full time wrestler. He is currently owner of a streak of victories in ROH, which he tallies at 150-0 after an exciting victory teaming with Moose Ojinnaka at All Star Extravaganza 6 in Toronto, Canada. When advised that Prince Nana was bringing Future of Honor talent into Wheeling, West Virginia and aiming them directly for RD & Moose, RD stated “I’m not concerned with Prince Nana, he is obviously still crying over spilled Ovaltine!”

    “RD thinks I don’t know what he did with Moose, but he is dead wrong!” said Nana. “Moose was my #1 draft pick! It is not well known, but I scouted and recruited Moose directly to the ROH Dojo!” It is obviously wearing on him that a prospect so highly touted like Moose is now working so closely with RD Evans.

    We attempted to reach out to Moose to get his comment on the situation with RD & Prince Nana, but all attempts failed. We did find out from a confidential source that Moose was quite impressed with RD’s business acumen and was stunned to learn of the history between RD & Nana.

    Prince Nana’s track record with scouting talent has not always paid off in a positive manner. There were issues in 2013 when Nana worked to bring Outlaw Inc (Homicide & Eddie Kingston) back to ROH. Outlaw Inc was deemed to be a liability to the company, due to their unpredictable nature. Prince Nana was not their manager, but simply the scout who was lead to believe by Outlaw Inc. that they were here to become the best tag team possible. Nana was in a tough spot with ROH officials for a while, but proved himself once again by bringing some amazing young talent to the ROH Dojo!!

    “I have taken this position as serious as possible, I believe in the future of this great company with all my heart!”

    Prince Nana has promised to bring Future of Honor not just to the fans of ROH, but to the doorstep of RD Evans and Moose!! “They have no idea the lengths I am willing to travel to ensure the future of this company!!” he shouted. ”They also have no idea the depths I will go to right a wrong, RD knows what he has done and soon enough Moose will see the error of his ways!”

    “Wheeling, West Virginia gets to see some of the talent I’ve handpicked for Ring of Honor! They are most assuredly the Future of Honor and are born from the nightmares of people like RD Evans!!”

    “I, Prince Nana am always on the hunt for new talent. I have promised Ring of Honor to bring them nothing but the best!! September 27, 2014 in Wheeling, West Virginia I bring 2 more pieces of the future!!” With that promise one can only guess as to what Prince Nana has up his sleeve.

    While Nana has his mind set on the debut of 2 new talents this weekend, he did give insight into his scouting for the upcoming ROH Dojo training camp the weekend of October 18 & 19, 2014. “I’ve got the cream of the crop coming to Bristol, Pennsylvania that weekend!””Future of Honor and the Ring of Honor Dojo have a proven track record of being a difference maker for the professional wrestling industry and I take an immeasurable amount of pride in my role in that!”

    If you are a fan, grab your ticket for the live Ring Of Honor television taping this Saturday in Wheeling, West Virginia before they sell out!

    Saturday, September 27th, 2014
    Ring of Honor
    WesBanco Arena
    2 14th St
    Wheeling, WV 26003
    Bell time 7:00pm EST

    Matches signed:
    The Honor Rumble - Winner receives an ROH World Championship Match in Wheeling!

    ROH World Championship Match
    *NEW* ROH World Champion, Jay Briscoe vs Honor Rumble Winner

    The returning Matt Sydal vs "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

    Adam Cole vs Cedric Alexander

    ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
    reDRagon (c) vs Jimmy Jacobs & Roderick Strong

    Adam Page vs Tadarius Thomas

    Stars signed to appear
    - ROH World TV Champion: Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini
    - Mark Briscoe
    - Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis
    - ACH
    - Plus More

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