Print your own Money in the Bank contract

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  1. Print your own Money in the Bank contract


    Yet, the WWE Universe has never before had the chance to view this valuable and highly coveted document, let alone print it out ... until now.

    Thanks to the gumshoe efforts of our backstage reporters, has gotten hold of last year’s Money in the Bank contract, copies of which were eventually won by Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio, respectively. Now, with a gusto befitting WikiLeaks, we present to you a ready-to-print PDF version of the 2011 document. (DOWNLOAD THE CHAMPIONSHIP CONTRACT)

    Though this printout is based on the authentic Money in the Bank championship contract, please do not try to cash it in, as any such efforts will not result in championship glory.

    Plus, when you think about it, do you really want to mess with either WWE Champion CM Punk or World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus? We didn’t think so.

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  2. Choke on dick.

  3. :win:
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  4. I'll give the contract to Chuck Norris :troll:
  5. Chuck Norris doesnt need a contract to win the title, he just has to show up and he automatically wins every championship including the divas title
  6. I'd love for someone from the audience to run down to the ring after the champ (hopefully sheamus, fuck him) is brutally injured and cash in on him using that contract.
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