Prison Population in the US

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. :damn:
  2. The truth

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  3. When enetering jail you immediately owe around 200 dollars before you can buy commissary. They charge you 50 some odd dollars to.stay there a day whicj can be worked off by working in locations around the area. Working fir free takes off your sentence as well. It's all bullshit
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  4. This is why I support the death sentence. You kill someone and you live basically for free? You take someone's life you give your life.
  5. How about we just do what George Carlin said?
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  6. I'm cool with a "Gamer" or "Death Race" type situation being implemented.
  7. death penalties tend to cost more than life sentences doe

    not to mention the vast majority of prisoners didn't do anything nearly bad enough for the death penalty to even be mentioned
  8. People who would be deserving are the ones who have damaged another person life to the degree of death, sexual assault and horrific child abuse. I am talking murder, rape, pedo crap, ect. Even then though, many of the ones who do end up in prison get killed or kill themselves when the other inmates find out they were abusing women or children. Many people believe the whole "eye for an eye" should be reinstated. So like if you murder someone, you get murdered... You rape someone you get raped... to the full degree you did it to another person/people.

    This is and always will be a tough subject. The only thing people can agree on is that the prisons are filled and it is burning money that could be better spent on other things.
  9. I guess but just shooting a murderer can do the job with minimal pay. And the death penalty should only abide for anything that cost a life. Not for being a master thief or something.
  10. great in theory but the reality is by the time a death row inmate appeals at every level of the court system it winds up costing much more than just giving them life in prison

    the real problem causing overcrowded prisons are terrible drug laws and treating drug users like hardened criminals
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  11. True, though i don't support pot/weed/cannabis/marijuana smokers and addicts i do think that with that out of the way it can take billions of our tax dollars to other sections that need help like welfare and shit.
  12. Curious who has been to jail or prison and legitimately know what it's like
  13. me you aids

    typical cool kids
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  14. Thank god you didn't mention your cheap imitation

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  15. Jail twice. In Cali :eww: . Sucked.
  16. My favorite part was 15 dollars for a 5 dollar foot long stored in fridges lol
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