Pritchard and Bisch not interested in Double J

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  1. BOLD SHIT! Why would they not bring him back as MMA Jarrett :sad:
  2. Good move imo, I love double J but the roster is incredibly stacked currently.
  3. Unless you put him on commentary actually, he's a good heel speaker so could work well.
  4. They were talking about ONO specials, not full time.

    IMO, he needs to be inducted as the #2 entrant in the TNA HoF @Slammiversary in Boston.
  5. "TNA's Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff decided against bringing Jarrett back as a talent and to show how strong they were on it, they chose not to bring him back for the nostalgia tapings he would have fit into."

    They didn't want him back at all, not even for the ONO specials.
  6. For One Night Specials no harm, but the main roster is pretty stacked at the moment.
  7. Fucking bullshit, fuck those two cocksuckers. Does Jarrett have no pull left in TNA?

  8. I think it might just be we as in the two of us. :sad1:
  9. I like Jarrett. But TNA doesn't NEED Jarrett right now, and the roster is already stacked. So why even bother to bring him back for a PPV taped special?

    When (not if) he comes back, it needs to be HUGE moment, not random like ONO specials. Jarrett is TNA legend, and he needs to be treated like that. And you know how you treat legends? By having them return in a big fashion and/or putting them in Hall of Fame.

    Anyway, I've been doing this double checking on the source of these news in the OP, and I'm not impressed. It's Meltzer report. Be it as it may, this sounds like a smokescreen.

    I typically don't believe this sort of thing until I hear it from a reliable source. Until then, it's essentially gossip. That's my biggest problem with the Observer, not how reliable they are but the fact that they take common knowledge and spin it to make it sound like an exclusive story.
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