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    Edited out url .

    This can be seen by everyone and has been indexed in google, can you change that :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Crayo just so you see this. ^
  3. People can't see this publicly unless they have the url to access the private forum, now you're drawing attention to it. For private things like this, where you know people can see it, PM an Admin..
  4. Of if they search on google.
  5. I doubt anyone is going to search for this on Google :lol1:
  6. Since it was edited, can you PM me Aaron?
  7. It was the private forum. He linked to a thread of his he made there, and I could view it. I then clicked 'private forums' on the directory listing at the top of the thread and I could see the whole section.

    Permissions issue I'm guessing?
  8. Fixed it now
  9. Good stuff!
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