Pro Choice. Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. What about women that are raped and are impregnated, or crack fiens who will just kill the baby anyways by doing crack and the baby will be born with disabilities?
    In the Catholic Church (and many, many other churches and religions) It is a sin to have an abortion. This is because all life is sacred, and from the moment of conception it is a human life. Microscopic, yes; but it is still life. The rape is a horrifying, evil thing, but the life that comes from it is not. The baby is innocent and cannot help how it came into existence. For this reason, abortion is considered wrong. But it is NEVER a sin to get raped. A person has no control over this, did not ask for it, and does not in any way deserve it. You can not be held accountable for the actions of others. The victim is in no way responsible for the rape.
    It all depends on what you believe in and there is no one set religion in America so therefore it shouldn't be illegal for that reason only. In the good book it is a sin but i can see both ways. It depends on how you feel and that's why i feel like it should be your choice.

    Also i'm a male and can't nurse a baby in my womb so i'm indifferent because i see both ways. What do you guys think or believe?
  2. I'm pretty much 'pro-choice', but it's not a black and white subject and I can see it both ways. There is definitely a point where the thing inside the womb is a living, breathing thing and thinks and fears, just like the rest of us. Aborting it at this stage does strike of 'murder' in some way, but at the same time, it is the woman's body and given that a woman has to change her eating habits and frequently see a doctor and then prepare a life to support this child or give it up to adoption (as if there aren't enough kids in adoption already), I can see the logic in aborting it, although hopefully this happens in the early stages when the child is still just a clump of cells and cannot in any way be considered 'human' just yet. There's also the argument about a woman conceiving of a child because of a rape something similar.

    So, I would pretty much say 'pro-choice', but I hate the terms Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Nobody is Pro-Death or Anti-Choice. Using words like 'choice' and 'life' is just a way to try to put a negative spin on the other side for having opposing views. It's pro or anti abortion, that's it.
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  3. Reading this Danny, I'm all for pro choice yes it may be a sin to some but not everyone in the world is said religion. I agree it's a difficult choice especially if rape as u mention comes into it. In my eyes it should be the persons involved informed choice no right no wrong we tolerate religious and cultural differences in the world to me this is another aspect of that. We may not personally agree but who are we to justify and force our opinions on someone's life and understand there reason for making a choice.
  4. I'm pro-life....
    Unless a woman's life is in danger from the pregnancy or she has been raped.
    If you get prego and don't want the baby, give it a chance at life and put it up for adoption.

    I was almost aborted.
  5. i understand
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