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  1. Okay, this is a official thread for arguably the best wrestling on the planet: SoCal based Indy company Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. They run 10-12 shows per year, and their match-cards have a "supercard" feel. They are probably the only company in America that can book Indy dream matches, because they have no political barriers.

    Here is the DVD preview of their 1st show in 2012, Kurt Russell Reunion 3:

    Their website:

    Their next event is called World's Finest:

  2. Thanks for the thread.

    I watch a lot of PWG, especially as of mid 2011. My favorite match is absolutely Super Dragon vs Kevin Steen, the Guerrilla Warfare. That was batshit crazy and one of the most insanely brutal matches I have ever seen. My other favorite matches are two Generico-Claudio matches from last year and some stuff from 2005 like Styles-Hero and Daniels-Hero. I'd recommend those to everyone, but those were on MU, so I don't know if you can find them somewhere. My second favorite company after Impact Wrestling.

    As for the KurtRussellReunion, that was a great video. It even tops last Fear preview video. They do cool stuff with previews.
  3. World's Finest preview:

    DDT4 2012 results from last night:
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  4. Looks like Steen and Callihan tore the house down, as expected. Can't wait for that.

    Cool name for Mack and Generico too. :boss:
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  5. Yeah, can't wait to see Callihan's performance in Reseda.
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  6. Forgot to add this preview:
  7. Waiting to download it some time in the future.:obama:

  8. I came. It seems like yet another great show from the coolest world fed. :obama:
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  9. PWG continues to take my money...
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  10. these are really cool :emoji_grin:
  11. Probably the best wrestling show on the planet currently, PWG never fails to impress.
  12. Definitely need to look into this. So their shows are DVD-only?
  13. Next show, Battle of Los Angeles 2012:


    Excellent line-up for Night 1.

    Hype videos:

    And my favorite:


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  14. Holy shit, these are awesome. Really entertaining videos that get you excited and sold for the product. Just good stuff.
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  15. Complete results for the annual BOLA tournament that took place the last two days in Reseda, California:

    First night results:

    Second night results:

  16. Greatness:

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  17. BOLA 2012, Night 2 preview:

    Their next show is called Failure to Communicate:



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